I went to this new restaurant on the city’s outskirts and I instantly connected with the place. All I know is I loved the VIBESSSS!!!!!! Ever wondered, what kind of a ‘VIBESSS’ does your home produce to outsiders and most importantly –to YOU? Energy (a.k.a. vibes) is something what you intuitively feel about a place- whether you like the place or you unlike the place, do you feel comfortable or uneasy, do you feel welcomed or differently?
The energy that you feel directly affects your health, mood, productivity, expression and the overall aspects of your life.

Similarly, every place has its own vibes, so does a home.
The relief and happiness that you feel when you come back home after a long tiring day is a simple example that the home has positive energy. Other days could be very casual and just do not feel welcomed in your own space. Suddenly, the appliances stop working one after another. Home energies have a direct correlation with the residents and it is evidently reflected in the relationships of the members living in the house. It can be healthy and harmonious or it can be really toxic and disturbing. Hence, it becomes essential to keep a check on home energies and regulate it accordingly at the right time.    

There are certain ways which you can inculcate in your daily life to express your love to your home regulate the home energies. These are very helpful and fuss-free therapies. The best part is you will immediately experience a shift in the energy around the home, once you start to do these.

window and door

Following are some of these home-detox remedies.


Energies have a tendency to accumulate in closed spaces. It even starts to get rot on longer accumulation. This is one of the reasons you feel bad and spooky energies in long closed spaces. Opening up the windows and doors is the first thing you should do in the morning. Let sunlight and air penetrate into your home, especially the bedrooms, kitchen and living area. It let the foul energies to disperse and bring in the positive vibrations. Also, it cleanses the air and kills the harmful microbes in the rooms, making it one of the home-hygiene essential.


A bedroom is not just a place to sleep, the environment of the bedroom reflects itself in your life in multiple ways. Hence, it is advised not to keep broken things in your room. avoid installing TV or mirrors in the sleeping area, you can a separate dressing area attached but it shouldn’t be a part of the bedroom. Try to maintain the items in pairs, especially if it is a master bedroom. you will experience a positive shift in the relationship of the couple. Never sleep with you head in the north direction.


Make schedules to declutter and repair your home on weekly, monthly and yearly basis to stay away from negative energies. Not only it will help you get rid of the waste but you may not need extra minutes to find things. When you declutter the home, simultaneously you develop a habit to organize the place. It increases your creativity, efficiency of work and saves a lot of time. Throw away any broken glasses, piece of furniture, clean wardrobes, repair electronics, fix any water leakages or damaged walls, fix squeaking doors and windows, clear trashes and donate old stuff. You must be wondering, we all do such work once a year during festival times and indeed we attract a lot of positivity. Now imagine what miraculous changes it can bring if you do it on monthly basis?


Aroma candles, aroma diffusers, essential oil burners and herbal incense sticks help to clear the negative vibes from the home as well the member living. fragrances/aroma help calm the negative thoughts immediately. This home detox remedy has magnifying results when done during sunrise and sunset. place these aroma inducers in the center of the home or in the bedroom to uplift the positive energies and protective vibes around the home. Its effect retains by the night and helps promote a sound sleep. fragrances are place-specific too. Gift your home some love of woodsy and floral fragrances.  

Crystal Therapy
crystal therapy

Crystals have their own energies and should be chosen with the help of experts to impart right energies in the home or it may go wrong otherwise. However, there are certain crystals which are universal healers and always induce positivity in the home. For instance, a big ball of clear quartz (a.k.a. master healing crystal), an amethyst geode or clusters; these can be placed in the drawing room or even more beneficial if placed in the center of the house. If there is an extremely foul or bad vibes revolving around your house, the crystals can also act as indicators for you. The crystals may suddenly become foggy or cloudy, they may appear greyish or smoky, this is due to the healing properties of the crystals which make them absorb the bad vibes from your surroundings.

All the therapies mentioned above are highly efficient at detoxifying the home and attract positive vibes. Vishwas Healing Centre holds a 3-days workshop which includes more than 25 remedies to make your home a happier place to live. These therapies are basic and easy-to-do; as well as it is pocket-friendly and fits to everyone’s budget. These are all proven remedies. With more than 20 years of experience Dr. Pooja Anand Sharma, gives your home protection personally throughout the workshop. All the other healers along with her, provide your home a 24X7 protection. Dr. Pooja always aims to empower the lives with her knowledge and healing abilities; in correspondence to this ideation, she has beautiful compiled a huge range of home detox remedies. She customized these therapies thoughtfully for the sake of wellness and joy of as many lives as possible.

Remember, It is all about the vibe’s that matters. When you love your home, give it the right care with help of right professionals. let us help you show that love to your home, because it is not just a saying we wish to make ‘HOME SWEET HOME’ real for you.

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