While a sleep, I had an unusual experience. There was a red screen formed by flowing blood, as it were. I was observing it. Suddenly a hand began to write on the screen. I became all attention. That hand wrote a number of elliptic integrals. They stuck to my mind. As soon as I woke up, I committed them to writing.-SRINIVASA RAMANUJAN

In one of my dream I was sledding with my friends at night.

I started to slide down the hill but my sled started going faster and faster. I was going so fast that I realized I was approaching the speed of light. I looked up at that point and I saw the stars. They were being refracted into colors I had never seen before. I was filled with a sense of awe. I understood in some way that I was looking at the most important meaning in my life. -Albert Einstein.


Dreams are a series of images, emotions, thoughts, and sensations that occur when we sleep. While we sleep our subconscious mind continue to solve the problem our conscious failed to solve.

Sigmund Freud was the first psychologist who suggested that dreams may serve as a particular scientific purpose. He believed that dreams often represents unconscious desires and are able to access repressed or anxiety provoking thoughts(focusing sexual desires)- that are otherwise not acted upon because of fear of embarrassment. Freud believed that we do not act upon our deepest desires because of morality and reality consciously, but dreams make us live them unconsciously.

In relation to Freud, Carl Jung believed that dreams are a representation of the unconscious mind. Jung did not agree that everything presented in a dream is related to repressed sexual desires instead he believes that dreams were actually direct expression of mind itself. He stated that dreams express unconscious states through a language or symbols.

Jung represented dreams as a bridge between conscious and unconscious mind, which does not represent suppressed desires or outcomes instead, help a person come up with a solution to a problem they may face in their conscious state of mind.

Sigmund Freud viewed dream as the royal road to the unconscious and developed dream analysis, or dream interpretation, as a way of tapping into this unconscious material.

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Many people believe that dreams often do not have any significance, or they are just random or absurd visuals we see while sleeping, but many psychologists and dream analysts working on dream interpretation have successfully come to the conclusion that dreams are the window to our unconscious selves.

Dreams serve as a reflection of a person’s real life, combining conscious experiences, rather than a straightforward replay of real life scenarios dreams show up as chains of memories we failed to retrieve in our conscious state.

There is a powerful connection between a dream and experiences of the real world which helps the individuals understand themselves on a deeper level. Dreams often represent the issues of real life that a person is emotionally drained to solve, and provides a safe space to help us cope with our emotions.

Dream analysis is a technique , originally used in psychoanalysis in which the content of dreams is interpreted to reveal underlying motivations or symbolic meanings and representations .

Dreams, according to many dream analysts, can reveal a person’s deepest desires and psychological traumas. Dream analysis is a useful tool for assisting people in better understanding themselves, uncovering buried information from various parts of their minds, and ultimately becoming a more complete person.

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