What’s important today, for all of us in this current society is to understand that, are we really nurturing our emotional wounds appropriately. Well we could go on and on narrating you all about the reasons why we don’t love ourselves, why our emotions are going haywire; our tortured childhood, our devastating relationships, the lack of opportunities or luck, the less than perfect body or face we have been given. These things all may be true. They may feel painfully real. They may legitimately hold us back in some regards. But it is also true, they really don’t matter. There is only one person whose good opinion really matters. There is only one person whose love can transform you. There is only one person who deserves your unconditional love most of all. It’s you.

Underlying most of the emotional challenges we face, from depression to relationship problems, is the struggle for self-love. When we don’t feel worthy and can’t accept our flaws and weaknesses, we either shove down our feelings, which manifests in depression and anxiety, or we express them in unhealthy ways through anger, passive-aggressive behaviors, or various kinds of family dysfunctions. It’s high time, you believe in the concept of love. Focus on the good parts of you instead of past hurts. The point here is, what you focus on grows. If you choose to notice love inside you, the goodness inside you, everywhere you go, your confidence, creativity & inspiration will grow.

We are very good at punishing ourselves for things that have gone wrong, but we don’t always thank ourselves for the ‘jobs well done’. So we need to make it a point to give ourselves a monthly treat as we accomplish all the things we want in our life. What you need to understand here is when we feel bad about who we are, we are unable to perform successfully in the world around us. We aren’t motivated. We can’t achieve our goals. We limit ourselves to the table scraps of life. At the end of the day, many of our self-doubts are simply by-products of simmering in the toxic brew of negative emotions for far too long. We exaggerate our flaws and failures and sometimes ascribe defects to ourselves that don’t exist. These are the stories we tell ourselves that have little or no basis in reality. If you really question and investigate your emotions around these beliefs, you will see how your choices & decisions in life are shaped.

Well it’s true that situations do not become anxious; people do. You are anxious when you accept a situation as stressful or when you become too concerned with outcomes or consequences of failing or falling short of your goals. What then triggers your emotional reaction to an event is the way that you perceive the event, or what you say to yourself about yourself in relation to it, rather than the event itself. We strongly believe that, a simple shift in your perspective about the importance or meaning of a particular event, or a shift in your belief about your capacity to cope with it positively, can change your focus and your emotional reality. We know, nothing changes except the way that you perceive yourself, interpret the event, or view your capacity to cope with it, yet that simple positive change in focus can give you inner strength and confidence, release you from stress, and free you to live, perform, and contribute more joyfully in your relationships & life. It’s all about choosing the right perspective that you are suppose to  carry into your daily life and your performances.

And so today we invite you all to redefine your emotions in your own life and even how to decode your emotions in the best possible manner through our workshop on Emotion Decoding & Life Skills

In case you have any concern or queries Vishwas Healing Centre’s consultants and experts can provide you with answers of your questions!

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