Once you decide to choose energy healing, the first and foremost question that comes to mind is – Now what? Where do I go? And most importantly – Who do I go to learn and practice healing? How do I identify the perfect person to learn from? And Why is it important for you to have a good master for your journey in energy healing?

First, it’s quite crucial to understand that energy healing journey is very personal, so the decision to choose a person to guide you through this is also very crucial.

Beyond that, it’s also important to understand the energies of the person who is teaching you, who is guiding you, their vibrations, their Soul Level, their experience, their qualifications.

Because healing also requires releasing our own blockages, the suppressed emotions, or the feelings, it’s important to choose a person who can understand. And not only that, a person who can help you out in the aligning and balancing of energies.

Learning Reiki –

The first thing that when we learn to heal is – healing starts from one’s own self. Only a person who himself is balanced can provide healing for others. And it’s the same thing with choosing a Master. A healer who is well aligned with himself and well aligned with the universe can be the Master, and show the way of healing to his disciples.

It’s necessary to remember you will be first working on healing yourself.

And this is what First Level is about – Self healing.

Once the mentor is convinced that you understand that fully along with the five wonderful principles of Reiki, only then you are ready for the next step –“Attunement”.

The question you might have – “I have seen so many people providing attunements to be a Reiki Practitioner. Is that all that is required?”

The Process of Attunement –

To be a Reiki practitioner, a person must go through a process known as Attunement in which the master connects you with that universal force. Dr, Pooja completed her Reiki Grandmaster Level when she was just 18 years, and had mentored and Attuned many students in their energy therapy and being with them through their journey too. As the Attunement from Grandmaster with High Soul Level is a major step to be a Reiki practitioner. But we need to remember that learning Reiki is not just about attunement. The before and the after support and guidance is equally crucial, where you deal with so many changes within yourself.

While learning Reiki, you are getting used to energies. During this transformative phase, it’s important that you understand that energies are also healing you.

And how to handle those energies? How to get used to them? How to use the energies in the most efficient way for yourself and to heal others? All of this is what a good master, a good mentor can teach you. Dr. Pooja with her experience of more than 20 years, definitely makes her an expert and the right person to learn the energy healing from. Her positive attitude and practical approach makes the learning process a life transformative experience.

  • A good master is someone who is empathetic
  • Aligned with universal wisdom.
  • Have a sense of balance and serendipity.
  • Have an inclination towards spiritual growth.
  • They are grounded and deeply connected with nature.

Soul Quality of a Master

The most important quality of a Master is his/her soul quality. A master is someone whose soul level is high. This is something we get to see from there connection with energies, their alignment with the energies and nature. Not only that, their healing rituals, teaching methods and much more. Their connection with earth helps them to heal not only themselves but the people around them. Their practices also work on healing the earth too.

All of this does not happen in one day, it takes years of practice and dedication towards healing and energy therapies.

Energy Healing and A Good Mentor

From the first interaction with Dr. Pooja, every student can easily attest to this. Her way of connecting you with the healing energies, encouraging that connection, the way of guiding is something only a Healer with the High Soul Level and much experience can do.

All her hardwork and dedication of many years can be seen with the way she works on guiding her mentees. Guiding them through their weakness, working on their strength and especially her background in psychology and healing are some of the many many reasons that makes her the perfect Mentor.

A mentor plays a huge role in forming your orientation and approach towards healing and this is true for every energy healing modality.

Remember, a good mentor can make all the difference in this process.

Initiate your Healing journey with Grandmaster Dr. Pooja Anand Sharma and step on the path of transformation through Energy Healing Therapies.

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