Dream Analysis Foundation Talk

We are striving to make wellness accessible to all. And today, we welcome you all to join us on a quest to access the healing powers of your subconscious mind through dream interpretation. This webinar on Dream Analysis, also the Foundation course will be helpful for healing your internal conflicts or emotional issues in your relationships & this apart may also help you in overcoming many of your difficult life challenges.

One of the major goals of Dream Analysis webinar is to increase your ability to regulate your emotions. This webinar can help you to manage some of your darkest emotions & deepest stress.

Our online webinar on Dream Analysis is actually a two hour event filled with inspiring talks, presentations, discussions, analysis & much more. This approach will be the core objective & methodology to used in the webinar for interpreting your dreams.

Venue/Online Platform

Dream Analysis webinar will be hosted on the Skype/ Zoom meeting platform, where we will use our camera and microphones to interact with each other as a group. You will definitely need a webcam and microphone as well as a good internet connection, although these can also be accessed on a phone or ipads.

Course Overview

> Psychology of Emotions & Meaning of Life

> Understanding the powers of Subconscious Mind

> Harnessing the healing powers through Dreams

> Dreams And Symbolic Interpretations of Dreams

> Recurrent and Sequential Dreams

> Understand and interpret varied contents of dreams

> Overcoming Nightmares

> Nurturing Relationships Through Dreams

> Dream Journal Prompts

> Reflecting on Dreams for new purposes, newer perspectives & confidences

> Taking charge of life & Managing Stress though dream analysis

Some of the funds collected through our workshop of Dream Analysis Foundation Course will be used for social cause that is for Tree Plantation. We strongly believe that planting of trees is especially important to protect our environment against air pollution and global warming.
Let’s Join hands with Vishwas Healing Centre and create the magic of creating a beautiful world..

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For more details Call/WhatsApp at +919899201645, +919911401645


The event is finished.


Mar 12 2022


12:00 pm - 2:30 pm



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