Energy Healing Level 2 Workshop

energy healing level 2

Energy Healing Level 2 Workshop

Learn the next level for healing to make yourself more empowered and others with Powerful Symbols and Distant Healing

Day-1 Schedule

•Quick recap and discussion on experiences of Reiki level -1.
•Expectations and goals.
•Reiki 2nd-degree symbols – how to draw the symbols, their_ _meanings and chanting.
•The Power of Intention.
• Meditation on the Reiki symbols.
• Discuss various applications of the 3 Reiki symbols.

Day-2 Schedule

• How to conduct a distance healing session.
• How to protect your Aura, house & your family etc.
• Send distance healing to someone.
• How to get rid of fear and other negative emotions.
• How to heal past, present and future.
• How to develop your intuition and creativity.
• You can heal people at the mental and emotional level.

Day-3 Schedule

Attunement Process And Practical Session

Know more about your mentor:

Dr Pooja Anand Sharma, founder, and chairperson of Vishwas Healing Centre is a passionate Psychologist and a compassionate Healer who believes in an Integrated Healing Approach. Being a gifted Clairvoyant and a highly intuitive person with strong psychic abilities; she has started her healing journey at the age of 16 and was recognized as a Youth Icon and Youngest Master Healer.

She is dedicated to empowering individuals to re-discover their own inner strengths to cope with illnesses, stresses, and tensions far better.
She is a pioneer who has integrated spiritualism, healing and Psychology. :-

Date: 6th-7th March 2021

Certificate of participation provided through mail
For more details Call or WhatsApp at +919899201645 | +919911401645

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Mar 06 - 07 2021


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


Vishwas Healing Centre