Energy Reiki Healing Training Program

Energy Healing Reiki Level1

Energy Healing Reiki Level 1 Workshop – Unlock Your Healing Potential!

Are you ready to tap into the natural healing powers within you and bring comfort, calm, and healing to yourself, your loved ones, and even your pets? Join our transformative Energy Healing Reiki Level 1 Workshop and embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing like never before.

What You’ll Learn:

– Master the art of healing yourself and others, including family, friends, clients, and pets, through the power of Reiki.

– Develop your innate intuitive abilities, enabling you to sense and understand your clients’ energy and receive valuable messages from within.

Class Details:

– Choose from flexible weekday and weekend classes to fit your schedule.

– Embrace the convenience of learning through our online or offline modes, based on your preference.

No Experience Required:

– No prior healing experience is necessary; all you need is a passion for healing and a desire to bring positive transformation to yourself and others.

– Level 1 Reiki includes Certification and Attunement, empowering you with the healing energies you seek.

Day 1 Schedule

– Laying the Foundation:

– Understand the fundamental concept of energy and its role in healing.

– Explore the different levels of the universe and their significance.

– Dive deep into the Chakra system, understanding their colors, purposes, and functions.

Day 2 Schedule

– Understanding Aura and Cleansing:

– Discover the common sources of disease in our bodies and how to address them.

– Unravel the mysteries of the aura and its impact on our lives.

– Learn effective aura cleansing methods and various aura gazing techniques.

Day 3 Schedule

– Exploring Reiki Healing:

– Delve into the history of Reiki and its profound benefits in our daily lives.

– Embrace the power of the 5 Reiki principles for holistic well-being.

– Understand who can benefit from Reiki treatments and its healing potential.

Day 4 Schedule

– Preparing for Healing Sessions:

– Cultivate an attitude of gratitude and protection during healing sessions.

– Engage in meditation and deep breathing exercises for enhanced focus and relaxation.

– Discover positive affirmations for healing and guidelines for self and others’ healing.

– Learn the art of Chakra healing for both yourself and others, unlocking the potential of each energy center.

– Receive guidance on the sacred attunement process.

Day 5 Schedule

– Integration and Sadhana:

– Engage in a question-and-answer round to deepen your understanding.

– Undergo the transformative attunement process, connecting you to the powerful Reiki energies.

– Embark on a 21-day Sadhana, a sacred practice that reinforces your connection with Reiki.

– Receive your E-Certification (for online learners) and a comprehensive Manual Kit (for offline learners).

Mode :-
Whatsapp Workshop
Energy Exchange:- 1.8k
Energy Exchange:- 5k

Certificate of participation provided through mail.
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Mar 03 - 07 2024


12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

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