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Karuna Reiki Workshop

Embark on a Transformative Journey with Karuna Reiki Workshop!

Welcome to the Karuna Reiki Workshop – a sacred space where healing energy meets profound transformation.

Unlock the Power Within:

Karuna Reiki, known for its compassionate and heart-centered approach, goes beyond traditional Reiki, delving into the depths of love, peace, and healing. This workshop is designed for those seeking a profound connection with their inner selves and a deeper understanding of universal energy.

What Awaits You:

Comprehensive Learning

Dive into the principles of Karuna Reiki with our expert instructors. From the basics to advanced techniques, we’ve got your journey covered.

Heart-Centered Healing

Experience the unique energy of Karuna Reiki, focusing on compassion, love, and emotional healing. Unleash your potential for profound self-discovery.

Advanced Healing Symbols:

Explore and master the sacred Karuna Reiki symbols, adding a powerful dimension to your energy healing practice.

Toning Techniques:

Discover the power of toning, using your voice to create vibrational frequencies that harmonize with the Karuna Reiki symbols. Learn to channel these energies for personal and collective healing.

Chanting Mantras:

Dive into the ancient practice of chanting sacred mantras associated with Karuna Reiki symbols. Uncover the transformative potential of sound as it aligns with the universal life force.

Enhancing Symbolic Energy

Explore how toning and chanting can amplify the energy of Karuna Reiki symbols, unlocking their full potential for emotional, mental, and spiritual healing.

Group Synergy

Experience the synergy of collective toning and chanting, creating a powerful group resonance that elevates the vibrational field for all participants.

Guided Meditation

Integrate your toning and chanting experience through guided meditation, allowing the vibrational frequencies to settle and permeate your entire being.

Daily Self-Healing Rituals

Immerse yourself in the loving energies of Karuna Reiki through daily self-healing sessions. Experience the transformative power of compassion as you channel divine energies to nurture your mind, body, and spirit.

Distance Healing Techniques

Learn and practice advanced Karuna Reiki techniques for distance healing. Develop the ability to send healing energy across time and space, fostering a sense of connection with those in need.

Journaling and Reflection

Maintain a daily journal to document your experiences, insights, and the impact of Karuna Reiki on your well-being. Reflect on your journey to enhance self-awareness and spiritual growth.

Transformative 21-day Sadhana process

Why the 21-Day Sadhana:

Establishing a Habit: Cultivate a daily practice to integrate Karuna Reiki into your routine, creating a foundation for ongoing spiritual development.

Deepening Connection: The consistent practice over 21 days allows for a profound connection with the energies of Karuna Reiki, unlocking its full potential for healing.

Community Engagement: Sharing your journey with others enhances the collective energy, creating a synergistic environment for accelerated healing and growth.

Join us for your healing journey and witness the transformative power of Karuna Reiki unfold within you. As you embark on this journey of compassion and healing, may you discover the limitless reservoirs of love that reside within.

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Come, Join  and experience the divine transformation within you .

With lots of love and healing vibes.

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May 15 - 29 2024


12:00 pm - 1:30 pm



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