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Past Life Regression (PLR) is a technique that uses hypnosis to uncover memories and events of a previous life. It is an umbrella term that includes a wide range of processes and experiences.

Past Life Regression Therapy assumes the existence of the subconscious mind. Here mental processes take place without our awareness. The subconscious operates like a tape recorder; it records and stores every experience, both positive and negative. Unlike the conscious mind, the subconscious never turns off; it can remember anything from any time. It is not bound by the limits of time, logic, or space. It assumes that we are not born as blank soul, but as a soul rich with both the wisdom and scars from many lifetimes.

The real work in past-life therapy, then, is in:

– Understanding, appreciating, and learning the lessons from past experiences.

– Utilizing and further developing skills acquired in a lifetime.

– Allowing healing of the past and the building of a better future.

Past-life regression brings forth healing stories from one’s deep memory that focuses on soul lessons learned in that lifetime. These lessons and memories can help the individual become a wiser, kinder, and more balanced person.

PLR Session

Here are the steps Vishwas Healing Centre follows for Past Life Regression so that you can have the solution to your problems in the most effective way.

Step one – Case Analysis

Every individual is different. How they think, how they feel, what they feel is different for everyone.  That’s why, before every PLR session, a case analysis is done. The purpose of the PLR, what is the issue that is being faced and everything related is discussed. Only after this a PLR session takes place.

Step 2 – Trance and stepping into your past life.

Through the process of induction and progressive relaxations, you are very effectively put into trance where the work on your subconscious mind is done. Now you are ready to step into your past lives.

Step 3 – Post session discussion

After your PLR is done, the therapist discusses the analysis of your past lives.

And whether or not you shall require further sessions.

The insights the person gets after these sessions are quite profound and life transforming. Giving a new direction to your life and your relationships, it’s brings a drastic change.

Join us for this wonderful program and bring the ultimate shift that you always envisioned to have.

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Apr 29 2022 - May 10 2022


10:00 am - 5:00 pm



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