Touch Healing Session

A promising Therapy for complete Transformation of your life

How does Reiki Touch  Healing Work for you?

We are well aware that life does not always go as planned. Uncertainty is a part of life. In this post-covid era, life for many of you has not been easy and it is full of emotional, physical, intellectual, financial challenges, you might be currently dealing with or overcoming various kinds of unforeseen circumstances and this is taking a toll on your well-being. As a result, difficult and darker emotions like loneliness, fear, anger, and sadness, just to name a few, often arise. This hijacks your choices and decisions which results in making your life more messy and complex. Indeed emotions like these are often the most powerful forces that certainly control your physical, mental and spiritual health.

Would you prefer to take Touch Therapies as an alternative healthcare approach towards well-being?

The best way to overcome these difficult emotional battles is through sessions of Energy Healing Therapy – Touch Healing, which for sure enables you to relax, rejuvenate, and calm down. This can also help you to heal yourself. In these sessions of  Healing Touch you are able to push your toxic emotions away, which you may have been bottling up inside over these years, which is often leading you towards mental health and physical issues, and can also have a complete emotional shutdown in your relationships.

Energy Touch Healing session is an alternative health care approach towards your well-being. This modality of healing primarily focuses towards aligning and repatterning your energy field for a body, mind, and soul well-being that you need for an enriched life. This is not a massage.

Does Touch Healing work on your Emotional well-being?

Many of you here doubt your own abilities in varied situations of life. If this is a pattern happening in your life, it will negatively affect your self-worth to a great extent.  When your efforts in the past have led to pain and disappointment, and if this has become your subconscious belief then this mindset will create or attract more similar situations in life. With each painful experience, the magnitude of your fear increases and your confidence in life decreases significantly.

Shedding these deep-rooted thoughts and negative emotions often leads to growth from your limited mindset to enriched and healed life. With  Energy Touch Healing sessions you can heal your uncomfortable emotions and dissolve them to experience success, health joy, bliss and purpose in your life.

How Does Healing Touch Align you?

You must always remember that your life isn’t and shouldn’t be about you being completely decimated during these extraordinary times. With Energy Touch Therapy Sessions,  you will certainly choose to react to things in a different way and your focus gets aligned to a more positive perspective. These sessions even create a proactive mindset that chooses to see what best can be done in unforeseen circumstances.

Once you establish a belief about yourself, good or bad, right or wrong, you no longer question it. You often make it an integral part of your identity. With Energy Touch Healing Sessions you can for sure change your psychology or your subconscious beliefs and the reactions associated with it through the energy work. At the end of the day, with  Touch Healing, you can change anything you wish at any moment once you develop the faith to create the magnificent life you truly deserve.

Touch Healing also helps in Menstruation Pain?

Touch healing helps those women who are suffering from unbalanced Hormonal Changes, Increased Pelvic Pain during Menstrual cycle. Touch healing helps to balance your Hormones and Relieve the pain in the Pelvic Part. The Master and healer work on the core of your problem which is your Major Chakras.  It also helps heal your infertility.

Duration: 30 minutes; cost: 1500 rupees

3000 per hour

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