Transpersonal Regression Therapy

Life Between Life Regression Sessions
In this inter-lives zone, it is possible to discover answers from your subconscious mind & you will feel the transformation. Some of the answers that you can discover from your subconscious mind includes the following:-

What are the major the lessons to be learnt, the things you came to learn on Earth?
What is your true purpose in this life?
Why did you choose this body?
Why did you choose these parents, friends, life partners?
What do you have to learn from certain events that happened in your life?
Why did you choose these relationships — both loving and difficult?
What do you have to learn in this or that relationship?
What do you have to learn from certain illnesses, maybe even genetic disorders?
What can you do to improve your health?
What are the insights concerning soul contracts that were made prior to this lifetime?
Finding where your soul origins are from?
Who is in your soul group?
How are you progressing as a soul in this life?
Exploring or finding your Inter-galactic and planetary soul families?

Per Session Cost – Rs.12,000/-
Session Duration – 3 Hr.

Future Life Progression Sessions
Under hypnotherapy it is now possible to go forward into your future and discover what your subconscious mind has managed to do in order to achieve your wishes/ goals. This allows you to see what you have achieved and where you have got to in say five or ten years. By being able to see for yourself you will also be able to find out what you had to do to achieve this outcome.

This information can then be used to accelerate the outcome and reach those goals quicker, as you will know what was useful and what was a waste of time. You can also discuss with your subconscious what alternatives there are if you make different decisions. Indeed it’s one step beyond astrology.

Per Session Cost – Rs.8,000/-
1. There is a provision available for choosing between LBL Session or FLP Session.
2. If you are availing combined session of LBL & FLP. After discount your session cost will be Rs.18,000/-.

Call/WhatsApp at +919899201645, +919911401645 for more information and registration.

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