The world is going through a difficult time with COVID-19 causing so much harm and even more panic and fear . No doubt that it is a time that we need to be alert but also be hopeful.

We know, Globally we all are sailing in the same boat. As they say “Shared Pain and problems Brings People Together” Every problem and difficult situation always has a reason and something for us to learn and provide an insight.

How this situation?

Do we realize that in last two decades from 2000 onwards, the corporate culture has actually started to take toll over marriages, families, health, long travel, high expectations, extreme pressure, corporate politics and stresses. All these started to cause distance in personal relationships, less family time, less eye contact, less intimacy, less feelings, more logics, confusions and discords; close bonds were becoming myth.
The only bond we could relate with was office and colleagues. We communicated more on client calls rather that with our partner and family.

With this enforced shutting down of offices, schools, shopping malls, movie halls, has lead to an opportunity for the family members to be together under one roof at the same time. This situation is giving everyone ample time to be with each other but Now , children demanding our attention and time more, getting bore, doing nothing, we are worried about the business / work and actually too much time that we don’t know what to do with it.
This is a sudden change for us and for some time it may make us feel lost. But understand it is not going to be same always and this situation is temporary so we must treat it as a blessed family time in spite of these temporary difficulties we are facing.

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Along with managing the situations at all the fronts we must relish and relive this family time that is at least allowing us to sit together and giving an opportunity to understand and communicate better with each other, It’s time to

  • rekindle the joy
  • strengthen the bond
  • listen to each other
  • cooking meals for loved ones
  • enjoying the cup of coffee and meals together
  • watching birds, nature and kids
  • playing indoor games with them
  • watching movies together, talking to our parent, listening to their stories
  • fun activities together (that we might have missed all this while).
    And deep down realizing that this was the life which we missed completely in the so called rat race.

We may feel that we are missing so much at this time of hour (revenues, profits, etc…) but do we know that we’d missed ourselves and were rather lost in the crowd. Treat this as blessed time to reconnect with yourself. introspect and re evaluate life. It gives deep insights.
Remember this is a temporary phase and will soon be over.

Let this positive intention and energy go out in the universe and change the vibrations of our planet to overcome and win over this situation.

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