By Spirituality Perspective, “It’s time to re-create and reflect yourself.”

Step into 2021 with self-awakening.

Winter solstice is the time to celebrate the magical and spiritual shift which it brings along. It was considered to be Yulefest in Pagan times. Germanic people used to celebrate the energy of Goddess ‘Moon’ as it was believed that moon would give birth to the sun. A strong lunar energy can be felt and could be channelized to make our lives meaningful. Isn’t that a magical shift that nature brings; after the long hours of darkness, shines the brightest sun.

It calls for a celebration, the nature provides us an opportunity to concentrate, cherish and reflect our true selves. The spiritual dimension of solstice revolves around regeneration and self-reflection. So, no matter what grievances 2020 brought to our lives, we want you to take out some time on this day, harness the darkness of the longest night of the year into the brightest selves. The energy on this day favors you to fix your past and to build the future to your will. Isolate yourself from the gadgets and materials, in a dark place with minimal light for the sake of your new birth.

Try to understand yourself before you step into the new year by asking yourself some simple questions like:

  • who are you
  • what makes you driven
  • what are your roots
  • values and morals
  • why do you react, think, feel, and behave in a certain way

Clarity attained from self-reflect practice will help you meet your spiritual-self. Consequently, you will become more conscious of yourself, you can change your life according to your will. Once you reflect spiritually, you become master of your own world. So, put an end to all the chaos from the past (2020 and back), change that ‘I wish I could control my life’ to ‘I hold the strings of my life for my own better, I am aware of my true-self


Contact us for more self-awakening practices. Professional guidance will potentially boost the dividends. MUST GIVE IT A TRY!!!!

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