Healing Earth Together At 7:00 PM EveryDay.

How we do it?

Healing Process

Take 2 deep breaths
Attitude of gratitude
I thanks myself for being here
I thanks Energy Healing for being here
I thanks Father Mikao Usui for being here
I thanks Archangels’ Michael, Raphael and Ariel for being here
I thanks all Spiritual Guides for being here
Do self-protection.
Imagine yourself in white light of god and affirm 3 times “I’m completely safe, sealed and protected in this white light of god for 24 hours and I’m also receiving all necessary healing for my self”
Rub hands and draw all Reiki level 2 symbols
Reiki level 1 members can draw Swastik 卐 and Om ॐ
Imagine earth between your hands
If unable to imagine you may use globe as well
Imagine Earth is moving in circular motion between hands
You’ll experience energy transfer from right to left and left to right
Do Om, Gayatri or Guru Mantra chanting
Visualise plant kingdom, animal kingdom, water kingdom and humans all living in harmony.
All are healing layer by layer 5 to 8 minutes of healing is good enough.

CLeaning Process

Call Violet Flame between your hands above the Earth
Visualise all the dirt, disease, economic block, stagnation, viruses, discomfort from all kingdoms going into that flame.
Remember anything that goes into Violet Flame turns into positive.
Everything that went into Violet Flame has turned positive and Earth is receiving the healing in the form of violet light over it.
Visualize flowers, animals, birds, humans, fishes all receiving Violet Flame. Everything is happy around you.
Say the affirmation
Earth is healing
Earth is healing
Earth is healing
Hold the vision
Earth is healed
Earth is healed
Earth is healed

Now let this healed earth merge into the cosmos slowly and let it vanish from your imagination.
Cut the cord thrice and wash hands.
Thanks to all angels and spiritual guides who helped you in this process.

Check Healing Earth below video:

Love and light.

God bless you

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