Crystal work in a holistic way. They take into account all the different parts of your being- Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual- and reach the cause of disease no matter where it is sited. As well as relieving symptoms, crystals may also tackle the root of the problems your inner state of the disease may be at an emotional, mental, or spiritual level, and a crystal will seek this out and redress it.

  • Crystal Healing

    No one knows quite how crystal healing works. It appears to be through vibration and resonance- after all, our bodies are primarily water and water is particularly good at holding vibrational patterns. If your body’s vibrational state and your Biomagnetic Energy field, or aura, have been disturbed or overwhelmed by Stronger vibrations such as geopathic stress or environmental ”smog”, this creates a subtle state of disease that, if not redressed, can ultimately take the form of physical or mental illness. Crystals gently realign patterns and subtle bodies, bringing them back into balance and creating a state of wellness.


    Many states of disease mimic, physically, mentally, or emotionally, your state of mind and the feelings you have about yourself or your situation. If you feel “put upon” you develop tension in your shoulders. If you consider yourself unsupported, your lower back goes into Spasm. People who worry too much often have overactive intestines or “nervous stomachs”. There is a close link between the mind and the nervous and endocrine system, as well as between the mind and the emotions. Imbalance in anyone will create disturbances in the other three. Correct imbalance and you have perfect health.


    There are several ways you can use these stones. You can place them on the affected Part, or sweep the stone across your body, to pull out disease and realign the subtle bodies. You can also wear a crystal. If you are familiar with Meridian-based forms of therapy such as Shiatsu or Acupuncture, you can use the crystal wand on meridian points. As long as crystals are not friable, you can put them in your bath. You can make a gem remedy and take this internally and /or all bathe the affected part. You can also lay the stones out around your body, or around your bed so that you are within their energy field. Some crystals, especially red ones, work very fast- pushing disease out of the body and thereby creating a “healing crisis” in which the condition is exacerbated before it gets better. Other crystals are more gentle. Some work well together in combination: others have conflicting energies. A qualified crystal healer will know exactly the right combination for you.


    Crystals can be selected on the basis of the symptoms you are experiencing, but much more profound healing takes place if the cause is addressed. Holistic healing takes many factors into account to reach the core problem. If you have several indications and one particular stone keeps cropping up, especially for different levels of the psyche, or if you are strongly attracted to a specific crystal, then this will probably help you. You can also use the stone for your astrological sign. Remember to cleanse and program your crystal first.

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