Relationships have often been compared to babies who need nursing and care to slowly mature into an embodiment with character and nature. It is on you and your partner to make your relationship grow and take the necessary steps in the right direction for spending a lifetime of bliss in each other’s presence.

5 Tips To Take Your Relationship To The Next Level

Reality lies in the present

Often while walking on the path of life you stumble upon numerous instances all of which may not be pleasant, or in your favor. This could have happened to you or your partner. Do not judge him/her based on their past. People mature with time and mistakes often prove to be the best teachers. Rest assured that the person standing next to you is a wiser soul today.

Trust is a must

Trust works like a sealing factor in a relationship. Only when you start trusting a person fully, you can say that you are in love and you have accepted someone completely. Trust issues often make us apprehensive and gets us worked up over nothing and has the ability to turn something promising into ash. If there are any misunderstandings or any doubts, clear them out directly. There is no better alternative to clarity and a one to one approach. Doubt only makes things worse.

Violence In A Relationship- 5 Warning Signs You Need To Be Aware Of

Take a bird’s eye view on your fight

There is no relationship in this world devoid of conflicts and arguments. If your objective is to keep your relationship safe irrespective of its internal dynamics, you should think beyond your own interest and think about the two of you as one entity. Don’t put your conflicts on the backburner, instead look to resolve them at the earliest. You want to get through your day without the unsavory incident going on a loop in the back of your mind.

Expel expectations

Accept life as it comes. Expectations shall disappoint you in more than one level and it also becomes the most probable cause for a number of fights. You must learn to accept your partner as he/she is. Coming from different walks of life you are bound to have differences. Learn to admire the variety instead of trying to even out the disparities and this path shall just seem to be a bit easier.


Romance is not even close to what it is seen in films. ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ has set a sky-high false standard in our minds but surely being in love and dancing to no music (if you can recollect this scene where ‘Shah Rukh Khan’ and ‘Kajol’ dance to an imaginative piano tune in a forlorn gazebo) does not sound sane. Build your own unique romantic relationship. Find romance in practicality and in daily life. Unlike the reel life, love in real life is not all about glitz and glamour.

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