The spine is the most influential part of the body. We need to know where our hip joint and knee joint are connected, most of us don’t think much about the spine until something goes wrong and back pain flares. People simply don’t know that they have spine joints 24 pairs of them and they need to be taken care of.

Here are a few tips for everyday techniques that could prevent & fix back problems:

  1. Sit Up Straight
    Poor posture can put your back out of whack and lead to pain. Align your ears over your shoulders. Pull back your shoulder blades, or “angel wings.” People with great posture usually have self-confidence in spades.
  2. Heads Up
    Keep your head up when you’re on your smart device. In a neutral position, an adult head weighs 10 to 12 pounds. As the head tilts forward the forces on the spine begin to increase, and make the head effectively weigh 27 pounds at 15 degrees and 60 pounds at 60 degrees. So instead of bending your neck, look down at your device with your eyes. It’s good to stretch your neck, however, with bending and extension range-of-motion exercises: Bend your head forward, then extend it back. Turn left, then right; tilt left, then right. Do this a few times daily.
  3. Breathe
    Simply place your hands on your stomach and feel the movement as you inhale and exhale. Be conscious of breathing throughout the day, taking deep breaths. Deep breathing stimulates the spinal nerves.
  4. Watch Your Diet
    Calcium and vitamin D supplementation are important to spinal health. There is also evidence that Omega 3 and Vitamin B help nerve metabolism. Drink lots of water for spinal hydration.
  5. Sleep Well
    Sleeping on your side is best for your spine. Layer two pillows: a firmer one on the bottom and softer one on top. Your head should be in neutral-neither too high or low. A firm mattress with a soft pillow top is also a plus.

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