The power of positive thinking is real, while entering the new year the phrase– “new year, new me“ often resurfaces. The thought of recreating yourself with new beginnings, and focusing on crafting a new version of yourself often emerges within many.

New year resolutions are part of celebrating the new year and is serving as a ritual for many. Starting with making a list of goals and a plan to start on the 1st, this list might include plans about one’s job, finances, things they have to buy this year, giving time to family, and many more. But what people fail to include is “THEMSELVES” About their own mental health. Working on our physical health as well as mental health is equally important as any other resolution. Learning the balance between work and health or between ourselves and our relationships.

Many different sides are revealed in the process, it shows that we need to look within ourselves in order to maintain this balance, in short, we need to build a connection with ourselves. We will make mistakes, and we will fall but at last, we will stand again with more strength and power than before. Forgiving yourself for your mistakes and changing your perspective about yourself is the first step toward your mental health.

Let’s start this new year together with mental health resolutions :-

  • Accept yourself and emotions :

    Take a break, give yourself some alone time, and try your best, but if something doesn’t work out, take a deep breath, think it over, and try again. Remind yourself daily that as a human, you will make mistakes or miss goals, and that is okay. What is important is going forward in these situations in a positive manner. Don’t be harsh with yourself.

  • Prioritize your sleep:

    Get 8 hours of sleep every night as scheduled; it will improve in your ability to think clearly and efficiently.

  • Limit your screen time:

    Too much time spent on your phone or computer can harm your relationships, interfere with how well you sleep, and even cause depression and anxiety symptoms.Be aware of how much time you spend online and the effects it has on your mental health. If necessary, put your phone on sleep mode after 10pm.

  • Mindfulness :

    A potent weapon in the fight for better mental health is meditation. By putting your attention in the present, meditation enhances wellbeing. It offers a new viewpoint, aids in stress management, lessens negative emotions, and aids in the treatment of mental disorder symptoms.

  • Start journaling:

    “discharge your worries by writing them down.” Journaling is about breaking negative thought patterns by following them back to their source.

  • Learn to listen to your body:

    One of the best ways to improve your mental health is to understand it. There are online resources available that provide information about common mental health and substance use conditions or you can talk to medical professionals to learn more about your specific situation.

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