What is Home Scanning?

In order to understand home scanning let’s understand this concept in the most simplest ways. The home energies are scanned by the Masters distantly. They are energy sensitive and thus can find the energy blockages in the homes. Once they discover the energy blockages they even suggest you with remedies that you need to sort out in your home & life.

What do you need to do to get your home scanning done?

You are required to share the images of your home. This apart details about the homeowner.

home scanning

What happens after home scanning?

You are suggested remedies according to your home energies and the blockages the Master may feel while scanning.

What are the remedies?

Remedies are simple, easy to do techniques that help with energy clearance and raise the vibrations of your home.

It can be as simple as placing some crystals in your homes or burning camphor remedies and much more, as according to the energy of your home.

What is Home Healing?

Home healing is done by the Masters and Healers distantly. It is a minimum 21 day process. To remove the negativity, blockages from your home and increase the vibrations. Through this healing approach you invite more love, affection and cooperation within family members, more abundance, decrease of tensions in relationships, decrease of aggression in the house,  enhance more peace and calmness in the house, also you might invite new opportunities in your life, and more.

Some of the key benefits of home healing include:

  • Removing negativity and toxic energy from home

  • Good health of family members

  • Raising vibrations of home

  • Inviting positivity and prosperity

  • Inviting financial abundance

  • Increasing love, understanding and cooperation within family members

  • Increasing peace, calmness and relaxation in home environment

  • Reducing health issues and finance issues

  • Decreasing fights and aggression among family members

  • More opportunities

  • Healing relationships

  • Creating a beautiful and inviting environment

  • Healing financial Debts and loans

  • Sorting out legal  Disputes in families

  • Healing grief, loss and separation of loved ones

  • Creating Harmony between younger and older generations.

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