Radiate Positivity

 3 Days, 30 Techniques,
No Limits!

Rise Above the Noise

 Reclaim Your Serenity with 30 Empowering Techniques!

You will discover

in 3 days workshop

Energetic Cleansing Rituals For Your Home

Uncover the power of specific energetic cleansing rituals designed to purge negativity and ill energy from your home. Learn how these rituals can create a harmonious environment, fostering love and calmness in your relationships.

Mindful Activation

Explore mindfulness-based techniques that activate positive energy in your home and within yourself. Discover how mindfulness practices can transform your mindset, leading to abundance and a more balanced life.

3-Day Home Distant Healing and Protection

Experience a concentrated three-day session dedicated to home healing and protection led by Dr Pooja and her skilled Healing Team. This session aims to create a protected environment for your residence.

Within just 3 Days

Revitalize Your Space

Engage in powerful Energetic Cleansing Rituals that purge negativity from your home, creating a revitalized and harmonious environment for love and calmness to flourish.

Elevate Your Energy Resonance

Elevate the vibrational frequency of your home through expert-guided Energetic Cleansing Rituals and Mindful Activation Techniques. Experience a tangible shift as your space resonates with positivity and protection.

Ignite Positive Transformation

Activate your surroundings with Mindful Techniques, infusing your home and inner self with positive energy. Transform your mindset, paving the way for abundance and a more balanced life.

Harness Energy Healing Wisdom

Access a wealth of energy healing and protection insights for your home. Benefit from the collective expertise of energy masters and healers during this transformative 3-day workshop, setting the stage for lasting positive changes in your life.

After you are pro in 30 techniques , say goodbye to

Negativity and Stress

Purge negativity and stress that may have accumulated in the home, creating a more serene and calm living environment

Relationship Tension

Address and eliminate tension in relationships by fostering open communication and understanding through the techniques learned in the workshop.

Disruptions in Sleep Patterns

Improve sleep quality by creating a more harmonious energy in the bedroom, reducing disruptions in sleep patterns.

Daily Chaos and Overwhelm

Implement mindful practices to tackle daily chaos and overwhelm, promoting a sense of balance and control in daily life.

Ineffective Communication

Enhance communication skills and eliminate barriers that may hinder effective interactions with family members and loved ones.

Feelings of Isolation

Foster a sense of connection and community, reducing feelings of isolation through improved relationships and energy flow.


Discover what our satisfied clients have to say about their experiences

Detox Home Energy worked wonders for me! Juggling work and personal life was draining, but now my home exudes tranquility. The 3-day workshop was a revelation – simple techniques, powerful results!”


“Detox Home Energy transformed my life! As a busy professional, I was drowning in stress. Now, my home radiates positivity, and I’ve found a new level of calmness. This program is a game-changer!”


“Detox Home Energy is a blessing! Managing a household can be overwhelming, but this program brought harmony into my home. It’s simple, effective, and the positive changes are incredible! 



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Distance Home And Family Healing



Chakra Healing with Crystals


Protection Crystal Set



Total Perceived Value


Discount on Distant Home Scanning

Avail discounted rates for distant home scanning and protection services, allowing you to receive expert insights and remedies tailored to the unique energy dynamics of your living space.

FREE:- ₹1,000/-

Discount on Future Workshops

As a participant in the Home Energy Detox Workshop, unlock ongoing benefits with exclusive discounts on future workshops.


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Meet Your Coach

Dr. Pooja Anand Sharma: With an impressive 22 years in the healing and psychology industry, Dr. Pooja Anand Sharma is a revered figure. She’s not just a healer but a visionary, the Founder and Chairperson of the globally recognized Vishwas Healing Centre – an International Institute for Mental Health and Wellness.

Transformation Catalyst: Dr. Pooja is renowned as a transformation catalyst. Her work has had a profound impact, empowering over 1 lakh healers and individuals worldwide.

Mental Health Advocate: Dr. Pooja is a staunch advocate for mental health, championing the cause of wellness on an international scale. Her mission is to bring mental health and healing within everyone’s reach.

Global Reach: Dr. Pooja’s influence extends far and wide, touching countless lives. Her dedication to fostering mental well-being and healing has made her a true global force in the industry.

Visionary Leadership: Dr. Pooja Anand Sharma is a beacon of visionary leadership, guiding individuals and healers towards a brighter, more resilient future.

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