Friends, this is Dr Pooja Anand Sharma

A little concerned about what is going around us. Being a psychologist and looking everything from a psychological point of view; I am sharing some very important aspects which we should consider now!

A lot of awareness is getting shared for COVID-19, but awareness for mental health equally requires attention here. People are too much under fear that is further leading to Anxiety, depression and other mental disorders.

Understand friends fear is contagious too. We can fight together this pandemic, and we are already doing it. Also it is the time for us to be aware, sensitive and work towards safety of mental health of our loved ones.

Having said that fear is contagious let us promise we will not contaminate our loved one with any information or videos that are spreading more fear than awareness.

There are people who are of sensitive mind already. Pledge, we will not share any information that is propagating fear and panic. And will not contaminate the minds around us, rather we will empower them with faith that we shall overcome. Faith can conquer fear!

Second aspect, we will always sleep with positive talks and empowering words rather than listening to the repeated corona updates or search for any information that can instil fear. It is the time when your sub conscious mind is too sensitive for information and directly register everything you feel, read or do. Gayatri chants, mantras, your guru mantras are best.

And also we will start our day with similar positivity instead of searching for corona updates. Condition of mind is similar as during bedtime.

Third aspect, sitting at home we have ample time, we can get into overthinking that can further lead to anxious state so one most powerful tool that generates instant shift of energy and boost the whole environment of your family is Smile Therapy.

How you do it?

Give smile to yourself in the morning. Look into mirror and smile. Simple it is but very effective. We have to do smile therapy at our homes. It is very simple technique, no matter how you are feeling just practice to smile when you address your partner, your kids or parent at home. Look straight into their eyes that create a reassuring feeling and smile while you talk. Smile is contagious too. Release fear with smiles at home.

There is a very powerful therapy to uplift a collective energy that I’m going to discuss with you. This is called SMILE Chain. For coming 10 days till 31st march.

all is well

BEDTIME or first thing in morning YOU click your SMILING SELFIEBE CREATIVE with it. Remember to be creative, a lot of photo applications can help very well with that. And just write ALL IS WELL.

Send to one of your dear family member. That family member will click his own best smiling selfie, write all is well and send to another family member. At-least 5 members in a chain. Like this your pics will rotate within family. This generates a strong energy and protection cover for our families, people moods will be uplifted, they will feel cared, and social distancing will not become emotional distancing. Collectively it will uplift the total energy of our planet. Do it today for 10 days and see the difference in overall energy shift.

Start the chain now!

I hope this helps all. And always remember, together we shall overcome❤

God bless.

Check out Mental Health And Covid19 / Corona Awareness video below :

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