My Dear Healers

I’m Dr Pooja Anand Sharma (Psychologist and Alternate Healing Therapist)

The Universal Energy has to be healed and positively raised. Energy therapists and healers are highly sensitive to energies which makes them capable of sensing the energy transitions. They can sense energy transitions (like the situation we are currently facing around the world) even a long before it occurs. Such sensitivity to energies demands them to have a strong Aura protection as this does affect their energies too.

I’m certainly not sharing this to make us feel vulnerable but to help us understand that one who is too sensitive to energies has the power to change the whole course of its existence and can heal them too. We energy healers must make sure that when such transitions occur we work on our own protection and healings first that too more strongly than ever.

This recent transitions started from December ’19 and you can observe that the light workers, healers, spiritual souls dealing in healings and energies got little affected be it emotional, mental or physical challenges.

In my view and experience, please don’t jump into healings without preparation, be sure your body and soul is well prepared to heal. Healing start from Self. Each one of us must spend time in sadhana, self-healings and should not ignore this very important point. As we all are compassionate by nature we should not let us forget our own self. Only then our decision to heal the world will be fruitful.

Let us first work on our self; heal and protect, then we can surely Heal the Earth and Nature. It is a collective effort my dears – all  healers together.

May the energy change happen for everyone’s highest good. AMEN

Love, light and healing your way


Dr Pooja Anand Sharma

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