Angelic Protection Crystal



For clearing Negative Energies and improving your overall energy profile and aura the Black Tourmaline and Selenite combination is indeed excellent. Black Tourmaline, particularly, can help you rid yourself of manifestations of darkness such as Anger, Unhappiness, Shame, Regret, and Grief. We believe that heavy negative Emotions can be destructive if you don’t handle them mindfully. It has been observed that when you are constantly handling heavy negative emotions for longer periods, it can become a devastating experience and can even leave you with a psychic scar & which may not go away that easily & effortlessly.
So it’s high time you must save yourself from getting into it especially this time period of long recovery. And this is only possible when you use this combination. We strongly believe that the selenite will take care of the cracks and fissures which might have emerged after black tourmaline had cleansed you of negative energies. Selenite will fill you with warmth and light necessary for recovery and for moving forward in life.
This combination also gives you a great protection or rather it can shield you from evil energies. And it can actually cleanse all negativity from your home, paving the way for creation of a divine environment where you will find guardian angels safeguarding you always. And last but not the least this will also ground all negative and unwanted energies immediately which is preventing you from living an inspired and abundant life.

It is Attuned and Energized through Vishwas Healing Center’s Masters And Healer With Positive Energies And Divine Affirmations. We follow 3 Days Rituals in Full Moon Energies as well as Sunlight. This Energizing process enhances the powers of crystals. It helps to manifest your goals.


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