Beauty Jade Face Roller



Spending loads of money and time in beauty that persists longer? Crystal rollers are exactly what you need!

With added healing values of the crystals according to your mental and physical health needs, these rollers have been designed to bring the best version of you.

GIVE LOVE TO YOURSELF. Pamper yourself with crystal rollers. radiant, plump and healthy skin are the obvious advantages to expect. But what more we have to offer you are the energetic healing vibes of the crystals which are especially attuned by the master healers to enhance their mystical effect to bring out the magical inner elegance you hold within. With this, we can assure you more than just external beauty.

Jade is commonly used for making massage tools for the face. Jade represents wisdom, balance and peace. It is a highly calming stone which makes it great for irritated skin conditions. It helps improve skin elasticity, encourages lymphatic drainage and helps prevent wrinkles.


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