Emotional Discord and Gynaecological Issues with Remedial Processes

Emotional Discord and Gynaecological Issues with Remedial Processes


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As most women can relate there are many commonalities of hurtful experiences one encounters throughout their transition into “Womanhood“. Puberty, love, intimacy, relationships, breakups & the list goes on. And there are also things that today many women may just simply repress i.e. trauma that accompanied these experiences. They run from it, not knowing what to do with issues such as, abuse, emotional heartbreaks, painful relationships & many other forms of violation & exploitation. These emotional & mental scars would have left a deep negative imprint on the soul of these women, causing them to attract similar victimisation experiences again & again across life times, including the manifestation of physical dysfunctions or gynaecological disorders like PCOD, heaving bleeding, skipping periods, cysts, cancers, sexual problems, miscarriages, infertility issues etc. Here our workshop establishes “a connect” between your inner self & the external surroundings. It is a feeling of balance & oneness with nature. Indeed our workshop helps you in healing many of your gynaecological disorders. Our workshop for sure will help you rediscover the areas of your life that are out of balance. It will remind you of the unresolved emotions in your dealings with people. This apart our workshop actually shows you the areas that you need to pay more attention to – in work, relationships or yourself. Finally we mentor you to make the changes that are called for. And this will definitely push you to learn, to grow & to be a bigger person. So be open & embrace the discoveries.

Duration: 2 Days

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