Lapis Lazuli Crystal Ganesh Idol



Beautifully Handcarved natural lapis lazuli Ganesh idol. As you know, Ganesh is the Lord of good fortune, success, power, and prosperity. Indeed Ganesh is the most worshiped god in the Hindu religion. Ganesh is also popularly known as the elephant head god. Having Ganesh in natural lapis lazuli amplifies your prayers and wishes; this apart it becomes a source of a tremendous amount of positive energy. Lapis lazuli Ganesh statue actually helps you to attain more protection, courage, and success. It also promotes goodwill.


Lapis Lazuli is well known and highly beneficial for THROAT CHAKRA, LARNYX, and VOCAL CHORDS and this apart helps in regulating the ENDOCRINE and THYROID GLANDS.

Lapis Lazuli activates the psychic centers at the THIRD EYE and balances your energies of the THROAT CHAKRA. Perhaps integrating Lapis into your lifestyle can be right for you. Truly healing GEMSTONE for executives, journalists, and psychologists as this stimulate your intuitions & wisdom.

Size- 2 inch
Weight – 10gm

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