Life between Life Regression Course

Advanced Past Life Regression Training ProgramBrief Course OverviewIntroduction Clinical HypnotherapySubconscious Mind & WellnessDialoguing with the SubconsciousTypes of hypnotic suggestionsFramework/ Stages of Clinical Hypnotherapy SessionsClinical Applications of Hypnotherapy in HealthcareRelationship Counseling in the subconscious frameworkHealing Psychological DisordersWomen’s challenges and Womens issues related to PCOS conditions, IVF challenges, intimacy...



Advanced Past Life Regression Training Program

Brief Course Overview

Introduction Clinical Hypnotherapy

Subconscious Mind & Wellness

Dialoguing with the Subconscious

Types of hypnotic suggestions

Framework/ Stages of Clinical Hypnotherapy Sessions

Clinical Applications of Hypnotherapy in Healthcare

Relationship Counseling in the subconscious framework

Healing Psychological Disorders

Women’s challenges and Womens issues related to PCOS conditions, IVF
challenges, intimacy challenges

Clinical Hypnotherapy at cellular levels

Archetypes - Inherited Unconscious Wisdom

Age Regression & Inner Childwork

Past Life Regression Therapy- Clinical Hypnotherapy

Cross cultural psychological perspectives of Regression Therapy Work

Quantum Physics

Past Life Regression Therapy - Scientific Perspectives

Transcendental & Mindfulness Approach

Life Between Life Regression- Crossover from a past life to enter the soul
memories between lives in the unconscious mind

Life review & understanding karmic journeys with spirit guides, angel
guides, ascended masters etc. in the unconscious realms

Access Soul Groups to review lives, body choices and more karmic

Access the Soul Council to resolve emotional, physical, psychological
issues through spiritual lessons in the super conscious states of awareness

Links between soul groups and people in this life - subconscious

Reincarnation into this life and the experiences of entering the unborn;
incarnation trauma etc.- Working with altered states of awareness

Visiting various stages of life planning.

Know exactly how you chose your current life script and body.

Life Lessons & Purpose

Integration of the experience into the client’s present life

Understand & healing your emotional relationship conflicts from subconscious perspectives

Expanding your spiritual growth- Transpersonal Psychological Well-being

Note - There will be a practical exam online before final certification.

Course Structure

● Certificate Training Program to become International Level
practitioner or Cross Cultural Practitioner in Past Life Regression
Therapy, clinical hypnotherapy and life between life regression

● Your certification journeys into alternative healthcare

Advanced Level Hypnotherapy

In this transformative program of Clinical Hypnotherapy you will be made to discover what you really love to experience and manifest if anything were possible. Once you are able to figure out your subconscious mind will be
aligned so that you might find the way to get there. Don't let your subconscious mind make you form a belief system such as you are too old, you are too young this will never work , who do you think you are, what
people think etc.

So taking the journey of the subconscious mind is greatly beneficial for you to reprogram these faulty belief systems.
Let’s transform and rediscover your purpose and heal your life. You are worth it.

One step beyond Inner Child Work & Past Life Regression. Reprogramming of the unconscious mind indeed is a highly sophisticated and multi-level process to attain wellness in life. The release of old energetic blocks through
Life Between Life Regression generates a flow of wonderful mental and emotional clarity, revealing the life-lessons needed to achieve happiness in this lifetime, while also advancing the course of future lifetimes. Accessing
your DNA memories and creating wellness, based on the concepts of transpersonal psychology & psychoanalysis.

● This workshop is a certification program that teaches the principles and
practice of Clinical Hypnotherapy.
● Accurate information on the safe, effective use of hypnosis is
● As you are aware, Clinical Hypnotherapists try to access the
subconscious mind to help clients to overcome a wide range of
psychological and physical problems including: phobias, depression,
sleep disorders, weight management, lack of confidence, stress-related
conditions etc.
● During this course you will learn how to induce a state of deep
relaxation, and then make suggestions in the subconscious mind to
alter negative patterns of thought and behavior.
● During this phase of the hypnotherapy training, you will learn how to address the original,  Subconscious/unconscious motivators of negative feelings, attitudes and behavior and then transform them.


● Our intention is to make these courses widely available to all those with a genuine desire to assist others and themselves to make effective changes in their lives.
● This workshop will addresses various aspects of one's life such as : relationships conflicts, how to get out of victimization or martyrdom,
how to enhance intimacy in significant relationships, what is the
pathway to happiness & peaceful relationships, this apart
understanding oneself better- what are your needs, values & how can
you live your truest self.
● This can help in resolving various psychological disorders & challenges.
● This workshop can be very helpful especially even for working women, because topics related to relationships, menstrual disorders, pcod, unexplained infertility, weight management etc. will be covered. It will indeed be an experiential spiritual retreat workshop.
● We are constantly striving to ensure that all of the techniques we teach are of the highest quality, meaning that everything we do is delivered to the best possible standard.
● We pride ourselves on the fact that our course content is always cutting-edge and highly functional, which means you can integrate all of the knowledge that you learn into your own hypnotherapy practice,
thereby offering the best possible solution for your prospective clients, and the highest chance of success in any given situation. And we strongly believe that becoming Hypnotherapist is more than just a "job" - it's a lifestyle
● This level teaches advanced reprogramming of the mind and is designed to maximally stimulate the subconscious levels of the mind to achieve powerful therapeutic results. This system of programming
involves altering or removing in the most effective manner the old self-sabotaging and self-limiting programs working at the non-logical, subconscious processes of the mind.
● This curriculum teaches the fullest and most profound methods of activating the subconscious processes and communicating most effectively the desired goals and outcomes to this level of consciousness.
● Why join the course from Vishwas Healing Centre (International Institute for Mental Health & Wellness                  Sciences) ?

Our Clinical Hypnotherapy training programs, provides you the “Right Keys' ' for your emotional wellbeing, health & happiness you are seeking in life. Indeed extensive solutions for your demotivating experiences at workspace, failed expectations & painful chapters in relationships. Through our versatile approaches of Clinical Hypnotherapy we are helping you build the right mindset for tackling emotional turbulence or anxieties, resolving your darkest unhealed stories of your life.

The Framework of Clinical Hypnotherapy program paves the way for healing unresolved family challenges and bringing you out of uncertainty & helplessness.

Vishwas Healing Centre believes in accomplishing wellness & so we are resolving even your chronic physical health issues through these soul touching healing journeys training & wellness sessions. Indeed this chapter is
definitely creating the right framework for your mind & rewriting inspirational chapters or the destiny of your life. Our vision is towards creating the new sunrises that you definitely need at this juncture of life.

Being a strong leader as an international institute for mental health & wellness (Vishwas Healing Centre) is providing vocational training & certification programs in Clinical Hypnotherapy & Alternative Healthcare
Sciences worldwide.

And these programs are focused for corporates, psychologists, and people from diverse walks of life & especially for even women who intend to create a strong fulfilling journey into entrepreneurship or alternate healthcare

Course Duration - 15 Days

Mode - Online (2 hrs Daily) Energy Exchange- Rs. 50,000/

Mode - Offline Energy Exchange- Rs. 75,000/

Course Duration - 4 Days


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