Love And Protection Crystal For Sister



Share the bond of Love with your SISTER on this RAKSHA BANDHAN with a special gift of LOVE AND

PROTECTION CRYSTAL made by healing hands and magical touch of healers and masters.

Each set is specially crafted by the divine hand’s magical touch and love of the master.

These combinations are the Brother’s love and prayers for his sister’s well-being, and the sister’s lifelong happiness and protection.

These combination especially designs for the brothers and sisters. Every Brother want to his sister should  also live happy , loving, peace and protective life ever. So we have  using 3 beautiful  Crystals Combined for Brothers and Sisters bonding gift.

That is Rose Quartz for love and peace, Black Tourmaline for protection and Citrine for Environment Cleaning.

Rose Quartz –  Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. It is the most important crystal for the Heart Chakra, Deep inner healing and self love. If you want to attract love, look no further than romantic Rose Quartz Placed by your bed room.

Rose Quartz gently draws off negative energy and replace it with loving vibes.

Black Tourmaline –  It cleanses, purifies, and transforms dense energy into a lighter vibration. Clears and balances all the chakras and forms a protective shield around the body. They clear the aura, remove blockages, disperse negative energy, and point to solutions for specific problems. Protects against cell phones, electromagnetic smog*, radiation, psychic attack*, spell and ill-wishing, and negative energies to all kinds.

Citrine –  It is a powerful auto cleanser and regeneration.  Carrying the power of the sun, this is an exceedingly beneficial stone.

This is one of the crystals that never needs cleansing.

It absorb, transmutes, dissipates, and grounds negative energy and it therefor extremely protective for the environment.

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