Protection and Harmony Subh Labh Crystal



This Diwali bring Power of Crystal at your main Door.

This Diwali do not spend but Invest in Natural Crystal and bring their positive Energy to your Home.

Decorate your house with positive and natural things, this year.

This is wooden Subh Labh Crystal. The wooden are sign for grounding. It helps in grounding negative and extra Energies. It creates high vibration around the home.

Cleansing crystal is used on the wooden plate that help to clearing the energies and give protection.

Amethyst give clarity, spiritualism, peace.

Clear Quartz help to clean unwanted energies, gives abundance.

Labradorite helps in expression and enhances communication and coordination. Labradorite prevents the loss of Energy and protects the energy of Aura. It helps in Spiritual upliftment as well. This is a Good stone for people related to Religion or Public speaking.

Very powerful combination are used on each wooden plate under the guidance of energy Master Dr Pooja Anand Sharma. Each has a unique beauty and energy to protect and heal the Home.

Note: Shipping charge would be extra as applicable.

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Weight 0.021 kg
Dimensions 4.5 × 1.5 cm


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