Redefining Femininity (Women’s Retreat)

Redefining Femininity (Women’s Retreat)

Many women today feel that they need the mind, body and soul relaxation and perhaps seeking to find a wellness retreat that can nourish their emotional needs. We at Vishwas Healing Centre believe that many young women today working hard to fulfil diverse roles & responsibilities and in that process they might find that they truly need a vacation time to rejuvenate themselves. Women will for sure learn to disarm and blossom into who they were created to be. Women so this amazing retreat of healing and transformation will have a new language for understanding their own psychology, new ways of seeing and relating to themselves and also a new freedom to embrace the full spectrum of feminine expression and power. This amazing spiritual retreat for women can bring affect motivation to live this life in an inspired way. When this effective motivation occurs, you can mobilized to move away what you don’t want and can be strongly drawn to what you do want. Motivation is like a rocket with a strong propulsion system to escape gravity and a guidance system to direct it to the direct. If we only want to move away from what we don’t want but don’t have a clear picture of our destination, we are likely to make bad choices, and if we have an idea about what we want but are still comfortable doing what we are doing, nothing will change. To build a strong motivational propulsion system requires tapping into your minds powerful ability to visualize. In this retreat visualization may become one of the very powerful techniques for self actualization.




To be truly empowered woman every single day of your existence can perhaps turn out to be the greatest joy in the world for you. Well we do strongly believe that feminine leadership requires vision, purpose, creativity, vitality, awareness, correct mind-set, winning values. The point here is you can’t be a leader by trying to control someone or by commanding. Control washes off; connection lasts. See leadership comes from within. What we are trying to say here is a woman brings peace & harmony in the world & plays different roles in life with absolute perfection. However, the challenges of the modern life can prove to be stressful for you & also can make it difficult for connecting with the real woman inside you. This retreat will help you discover once again the true identity of your life & experience supreme elation & joy.


We believe that there is this unique quality which shines inside each one of you and is lit from various life experiences, talents, and beliefs. Therefore, our goal through this retreat is to offer women the space to define what women’s empowerment means to you and how it can improve your relationships & lives. It’s high time you may need to be on this journey to embrace your inner strength, confidence and beauty with this beautiful retreat & we are cent percent sure that this will open the gateway to your feminine power. Vishwas Healing Centre believes that a woman with feminine power understands that the world is what she makes it by the projection of her thoughts. The point here is the magnetic, energetic, radiant, vibrant, charismatic & happy woman manifests good things into her existence because she projects a stronger vibration of thought, will power & personality. At the end of the day a woman with feminine power is aware that a woman’s emotions spring from her subconscious mind, which is her truer & more natural self. Let’s reconnect with the feminine powers from your subconscious mind. 


Through our retreat we have healed the lives of many women from across the world. We hope today you will connect with us & tell us your story too. We want to hear from you & we intent to help you & heal you on this journey of your life. We believe that you don’t have to live your life with pain & suffer with toxic emotions. You can for sure find relief from your memories of your past emotional & pains & your fears. It’s time to bring hope back into ur life. This retreat helps to heal your past emotional & mental pains & wounds by making you rediscover your feminine power. We strongly believe that at the core of every woman’s heart, there is an ability to love fully & completely, but for one reason or another, be it her belief systems she got from past generations, her painful childhood or her adulthood experiences, many of the women have lost touch with their ability to love freely, honestly & without fear. Here it doesn’t mean there is something drastically wrong with you, or that you are all screwed up your life completely, it simply means you may need a reminder of your inner femininity, your innate ability, to love yourself & others. And within retreat, you can truly be on a journey of living your life as an empowered woman.


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