Selenite Soap



Exactly how it appears, Selenite is known to be the magical stone of “Crystal Clarity“. It provides clarity of mind and enhance awareness of higher self and surroundings. High vibrational energy of the selenite makes it one of the most powerful crystals that heals at a cellular level and relieves completely.

When used in the form of a soap, it is supposed to be gently rubbed on the joints and certain other specific body points to magnify its effect. The extra-ordinary healing properties penetrate through the skin layer to soothe any pain or ailments.

Known to attract and boost psychic energies, it helps one to reach at subtle levels of consciousness, helps treating any mental or emotional blockages, negativities and foul energies.

Especially for the anxious times, a selenite soap is one of the proven solutions to release any tensions or worries, makes it highly recommended for people with anxiety/stress issues or even depression.

It helps create a harmonious balance between the mind, body and soul.  Application of the soap in combination to healing can helps you uplift your energies and connect with the divine sources.

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