Today we are continuing our discussion about the overthinking. Like excess of everything is harmful same is with thinking, excess becomes overthinking that hinder our routine and actions.

In the last video we had already discussed the difference between thinking and overthinking, reasons, and how to overcome overthinking.

In this topic, we would be taking the topic in detail. As I previously discussed the steps to overcome overthinking having the first step to identify the responses of the body, the second is identifying the thoughts; whether it is hooked in the past or in the future. So we are discussing the scenario when the thoughts are hooked to the past. When the thoughts are hooked in the past generally why we are overthinking is because we have non acceptance of the past. Whatever has happened we have not made a closure or we have not come in harmony with the past. We’re not accepting what has happened. Simply this. Because somewhere we feel we could have done better while it was happening. This lead to us not being in harmony with the past and so with the people, so with the situations and sometimes we are not in harmony with ourselves also. And that makes the situation more fearful and we have more insecurities; why, because as I always say that Fear can be really healed with Faith but if Faith is not there it increases the Fear and insecurities and leads to further disharmony.

So when our thoughts are hooked to the past it is generally because we have non-acceptance of the past. So what emotions does it generates? So the second thing is to identify the emotions this is generating in us.

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