In these troubled times, Reiki can play a vital role in helping people realize themselves better and make them understand the value of those around them, before it is too late.

When two people are involved in a relationship, there is a third entity that exists – the relationship itself. In this competitive and mechanical life, relationships, too, have become mechanical and lost their true essence and beauty. Today mutual understanding does not exist and power games continue, resulting in ego clashes. Therefore, stability is difficult to achieve in a relationship. The most prominent examples are marriages and love relationships that break prematurely, without any genuine effort to reconcile.

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Today, when both partners are working and nuclear families sound more convenient to couples, separations are common. When elders try to intervene and mend the strained relationship, it is least appreciated by the young independent couples.

In spite of recognizing their valuable experience and advice, they consider it useless to make adjustments in a relationship. The warmth and depth of relations, that were a part and parcel of our culture, are fading away. It is here that therapies like Reiki can play a vital role in helping people realize themselves better and make them understand the value of those around them, before it is too late.

They need to understand that people they love are not going to live forever on this earth. The final separation from them is just a few decades away.

Reiki can be used to heal relationships of all kind. If there is a difficulty in the relationship or if you simply want to improve it, use Reiki healing with its sacred and powerful symbols; it helps to create a loving and compassionate feeling between the two people.

Relationship | Reverse Downturn | Vishwas Healing Centre

It even works for relationships that are already good, adding more meaning to them, enhancing understanding and releasing all inhibitions. Some relationships are co-dependent and are not healthy for those involved in it. So, if this is the case, and it is time for the relationship to end, then Reiki will help it end in a healthy way.

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Similarly, if you have old hurts or are caught up in the past, moving ahead in life becomes difficult. Therefore your heart needs to be healed completely before you find intimacy again. Here Reiki comes to the rescue by gently dissolving such blockages to love. Reiki always work for and with positive intentions and cannot be used on others without their consent. One cannot use it to get someone enter in a romantic relationship with you against their will; it cannot be used to control people, as it is guided by a higher power. It helps to make wise decisions in life.

It enables us to respect each others independent realities and not what others expect or projects us to be.

A relationship can blossom only when one knows what his realities are and has clarity in the mind about the people he is surrounded with because a confused person will always end up in a confused relationship. Therefore, balance is what Reiki always seeks and focuses on.

Millions have been benefited by using Reiki and feel blessed as they can easily solve any problem. It heals any past trauma and promises a bright future. It helps us connect with the joyous outcome of our endeavours which empower us to achieve them.

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