Be aware of the body responses

Your body is your closest companion for obvious reasons. Anything affecting you shows symptoms on your body. Therefore, it is really important to communicate and check your bodily symptoms on daily basis. Whenever you feel anxious or stressed it will be automatically reflected in your body.

Some of the most evident responses are as follow:

  • Increased heart rate
  • Sweating in hands
  • Difficulty in focus
  • Nervousness
  • Breathlessness

In addition to these, there can be other responses too, which may be individualistic. Whenever you find any of the above symptoms or some alternate repetitive patterns that specifically arise during anxiety. Don’t be afraid, because if you managed to notice your bodily responses, you are already communicating with your body.

Fortunately, you are already on the initial step to help the situation if you are able to recognize these responses. So, remember the body definitely responds and shows some symptoms whenever you experience anxiety. Just be aware and catch these symptoms when given by your body.

Leave the space

Irritated from the stressful regular life, we often look for a vacation, where we can travel to some new places that help us forget about the monotonous life. You may not be allowed frequent leave. Also, frequent travel may sound a little expensive. But what you can simply do is a tiny shift from your space. Ever wondered why we look for a shift? For you to attain rest, motion has important role to play.

For instance, if you are sitting on a chair, then change the position of the chair or sit on another chair. Alternatively, if you are in a room, then go to another room. It is very important to change the space. Move from that area. It may not be equivalent to travel the mountains but you will get similar results i.e. stress-free mind.

Just like the objects, our ideas and thoughts have a tendency to accumulate in space around us. You might have noticed, leaving a room during a tiff or altercations proves out to be one of the wisest decisions ever. As long as, you’re going to stay in the same space you cannot simply get rid of anything that affects your thoughts. You will not find yourself at peace. This happens due to the anxiety causing agents and ideas that are catapulted several times back at you that remain in the space.

As soon as you shift, you feel better, you feel peaceful. A simple movement from one space to another holds the power to bring your mind at rest. Next time, when you notice any anxiety responses in your body, the next important step is to leave that space immediately.

Sipping the water

Go to the kitchen, take a glass of water and ‘sip’ the water. Sipping the water is important here. Don’t have to gulp the water. Drink this glass of water as if the last glass of water left on planet and you are the lucky one to cherish every sip of it. Take small sip of water, keep it in mouth, savor each precious sip of water. The idea is to change your focus onto this divine liquid and cherish it with every drop and sip you drink. Be grateful!

Not only you will hydrate yourself (plus point to health), your body will get rid of bad toxins, but you will also feel better and soothing. It is really important to drink a glass full of water after you have changed your space. Again, Sipping the water is important here.

Moving out in an open area

Leaving the space and sipping the water indeed gives a momentary relief. However, for better-lasting effect moving out in an open area where you can feel the open air, light, nature and plants can be an invigorating experience. Mother earth is your best friend. Nature-therapy is an old and proven remedy against any sort of disturbance to the body, be it physical or mental.

The rehabilitating and restoring potentials of mother Earth are miraculous. Lush green areas, windy gardens, breezy terrace, or any other well-lit open area is the next requirement.

If you have plants or greenery around your home, sit there for some time. Quiet or talkative, you will be accompanied by these sweet green buddies to soothe your anxiety.

Remember 5 happy memories of your life.

This step as its own significance and should not be missed. It is really important to not feel drifted and perform in an appropriate manner. You have to remember 5 happy memories of your life, memories that bring smile on your face, memories that makes you forget all the pain. It can be basic or vivid, but most importantly it should make you smile from ear to ear. Also, it won’t be arduous to remember as generally such memories are deeply forged.  

Then, think about the person who has contributed to those happy memories, without whom these happy memories wouldn’t have completed. It is highly important to thank all these people. Gratitude is an attitude that can effortlessly lift up your soul. It will eventually season the relationship between these people and you.   

Hug yourself

Last but not the least is the crucial step- Hug yourself. After counting on your happy memories and thanking the person who has contributed to the happy memories, you would already be feeling much away from anxiety. Now to conceal this happy feeling it is important that you give yourself a hug.

No matter how much silly this sound but everyone can do it and everyone does it. Wrap your arms around yourself and give yourself a Biiiiigggggg hug!!! loaded with all the affection and warmth you have. Express yourself some love. Sometimes, the only cheerleaders left in a situation is ‘you’ and generally these are the times when you need this hug the most to de-stress yourself. So, you must hug yourself. Furthermore, you should often practice self-hugs. It keeps your energy high. One of the best ways for self-motivation, it enhances your confidence and problem-solving skills too.

So these were the six simple steps to reduce anxiety. You can be organic with implementation of the above. But for the best results, you must follow the sequence. These steps help you get rid of your day-to-day anxiety/stress issues. If you are able to understand your signs of anxiety and have got fruitful dividends out of this information, we feel immensely glad to help you. But sometimes, certain issues of your life can be bigger than what you notice. There can be embedded problems like can iceberg and just by working on the surface (through 6 easy steps to reduce anxiety) might not help. Remember, you need not feel disheartened, approach for a professional help.

Vishwas Healing Centre is always there to help you more!!!

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