In this hectic and busy lifestyle, we are slowly disconnecting with not only the people around us but with ourselves as well. We are invested in creating a social life for ourselves but we are losing the connection that we have with our souls. Spirituality comes into the picture when we discover our disconnect and make effort into knowing ourselves better. It is to move beyond our cognitive and emotional abilities and focus on beliefs and values. To keep in touch with our morals and how our thoughts play a role and how our values are shaped. Having a high spirituality will help us build a better connection with our inner self and motivates us to balance our work and life and help in inner growth.

In its simplest sense, spirituality is the vast concept of life beyond self, finding a connection with the universe, and finding one’s own purpose in life and discovering your inner self and understanding that every person has a unique purpose in life.  It has a link to religion but it does not always have to be about religion. An individual who is not much religious can also be spiritual. It is all about discovering oneself, one’s own concept of happiness, compassion, love, etc.

Some very simple questions that can help us explore spirituality is “what is our purpose in life?”,  and “are we really happy?”. These are some questions which, when a person wants to explore themselves, and think and introspect upon themselves, will come across. Knowing the answers to these questions is what the spiritual quotient is in its simplest essence.

Being connected to our inner self and being in touch with our spiritual growth on an everyday basis can help us in many ways. An insight about self helps improve relations with others. Being more aware of one’s desires, responsibilities and roles, it becomes easier to distinguish our thoughts and feeling from others’  

Since spirituality has a very prominent link with our lifestyle, connecting with people, and discovering self, it automatically connects with psychology. A person’s spirituality, influence the decisions they make, and the relations they form with themselves as well as others it connects spirituality with psychology.   

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Various psychological issues can actually be managed with the help of spirituality such as better coping with stress. Stress is not a new concept for us, recent times have thrown many stressful situations at us and we have often struggled to find the appropriate and most suitable, healthy coping strategies. Self-understanding can help a lot in coping with stress. When we know what are our stressors and how we behave under stress, it helps us create our own healthy coping mechanisms which are exclusive to us and works efficiently into helping us cope with the situation. 

Finding a purpose in life creates a sense of peace and belongingness and increases the happiness that we feel. When we become aware of our responsibility in this world, we discover what we are meant for, it gives us the drive to move forward and a sense of satisfaction knowing that we are where we are meant to be. 

When we find our place in this world, we become more aware of all the positivity around us and the instances, experiences, and people which facilitated our growth. We experience an immense sense of gratitude. We become thankful for all that we have and all that we have achieved and all the contributing factors to it. The heightened awareness also makes get aware and in touch with the situations and sufferings of others and makes us more inclined to show compassion & empath. The sense of gratitude also contributes to it. Awareness of our blessings makes us more aware of the crisis of others. 

Even a person who is not aware of the term spiritual quotient makes conscious or unconscious efforts to know themselves better and establish that connection with their inner self to achieve a drive and passion in their life. Every individual, searches for their place in this big world and strives to understand their role, and might often ask themselves if they are truly happy.

Knowingly or unknowingly, they take specific steps and put certain efforts that move them towards developing a higher spiritual quotient. And as long as those steps are taken, even if it is to make every day better, those small steps can lead to a bigger realization of self.

Some steps that help us in our day-to-day life:-

  • Meditation

    As cliche and as typical it sounds; meditation does help in many ways than one. Meditation is about allowing your mind to focus on one thing or nothing at all. To meditate is to connect yourself to the energy that resides within you, that you search everywhere around you. A very traditional way of doing meditation is to chant OM. People often associate the chant Om with praying to some deity. But in all honesty, Om is the sound of the universe. By chanting Om when one is meditating, it creates such vibrations in our brain which makes more neurons to be fired and activate our brain more. That increases the efficiency of our brain. Every day, for just 15 minutes either in the morning or before going to bed, meditating with the chant of Om can bring calmness and happiness.One can meditate even without the Om chant. You can make your own meditation mantra and that can be your life moto, your favorite quote, a statement by someone close that makes you happy, it can be anything. Focus yourself on that and channelize your inner energy.

  • Practice Gratitude

    Do a small test for yourself. How many times a day do you think of your problems and how many times a day do you thank a person? Count the number of which will be more? If it is the number of times you think about your problem, then pause and think, is your life only made of problems? Are the problems being what is getting you through your day? No right? It might be your aim to reach a position, to get a new car for your dad, to buy the best birthday gift for your child, score the rank that will get you to the university, to sing that one song that you love, or to just have a cup of coffee with your partner at the end of the day. Those are what makes you go through those problems. And those are your blessings. Make a list of your blessings and put it up next to your problems. The list of your problems might look very insignificant in front of your blessings.

  • Spend time with nature

    Have you ever walked barefoot on the grass, felt the tiny grass leaves poke your feet? Have you ever danced in the rain, feeling the cold-water droplets slowly caressing your face? Have you ever just looked up at the sky and tried to make sense of the shape of the clouds? If not, then try. It will bring you down to your roots, help you connect with each and every cell in your body, if you let yourself experience it solely. Give yourself to the nature and it will set you free.

  • Introspection

    Remember those essays we wrote in school, about our best friends, our pet, our neighbor? We give you an essay to write today. Find a cozy corner in your house, your favorite place. Sit there with a warm cup of coffee/ tea and a beautiful diary. And write an essay on yourself. Initially it might sound easy, but when you actually sit to write it, do you have words for yourself? Do not close the diary because you do not have words. Write something there, your name, your likes, dislikes, draw something, scribble anything. But that is how you start to introspect yourself. That is how you know YOU.

  • Mindful Breathing

    Breathing is the easiest task that we do in our lives to a point where we don’t even notice it. Its like we take the basic thing that keeps us alive, for granted. Try this, and stop for 5 mins everyday to just acknowledge the way your body takes in breath and gives it out. Remind yourself what keeps you going. Remind yourself that you are a part of something beyond your bodily self and all these forces or energies work together to keep each of us going.

Spirituality is a journey, and at Vishwas Healing Centre, we are here to help you in this transformative journey. Experience the spirituality and healing by Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Crystals, Hypnotherapy, Future Life Progression, Life Between Life Regression, Past Life Regression, Tarot Card Reading and much more. Every modality presents you with the chance to connect with yourself and your spirituality more. A way to bring more positivity in your life.

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