There are many factors that affect the fertility of a woman . One of the factors that leads to infertility is stress . Everyone experiences a small degree of stress in his/her life but if it crosses its level it may cause various problems and effect a person mental and physical health . A stressful person can also harm them physically or mentally . If they fails to control their emotions. In psychological terms stress can be defined as the change in actions or thoughts that may cause physical , emotional or psychological strain. Stress depends upon the challenges or situations a person is going through . It can be practiced for a short or long period of time .

Stress cannot be easily observed but there are some signs or symptoms that help to identify whether a person is dealing with stress or other mental issues .

Few symptoms which can identify a stressful person are listed as under : –

  • Frequent changes in mood

  • Decreased sex drive

  • Do not enjoy entertaining activities

  • Dizziness

  • Affect to physical health

  • Low energy

  • Body pain

  • Feeling anxious

  • Sleeping disorders

  • Fails to control emotions , etc.

If a person identifies the above mentioned symptoms he/she must be aware that he/she is going through stress and all these are affecting the percentage of conceiving . A woman should take the opportunity to correct all these issues and must go for counseling sessions .

As the psychologist or therapist helps to find out the root cause of issues faced due to stress, the percentage of getting pregnant or avoiding miscarriage by stress goes down by attending the counseling sessions.

Fertility is not only affected if a woman experiences stress but it can be noticed that many times if the male partner goes through stress can also be the reason behind infertility. To bring a change in the couple’s living structure and remove all the hurdles that are being faced by them there is a need of counseling for both the partners.

The importance of counseling sessions can be : –

  • The counselor helps to manage stress. This stress management can increase your conceiving rate to a great extent.

  • The counseling session helps to recognize the main cause why the stressful situation took place. The person can get a chance to resolve their past issues.

  • If there is need for couple counseling then both partners are treated together but if there is need for individual counseling then they are treated according but not matter what strategy is adopted by the counselor, the main aim is to find out the best solution that suits them.

And at Vishwas Healing Centre, one of the best counseling centres in Delhi, you learn stress management techniques and how to reduce it. The modalities used are – counseling, psychotherapy, energy healing, crystal healing and more.

As the stress is treated, it increases the chances of fertility and this may result in a happy family.

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