Effective motivation occurs when we are mobilized to move away from what we don’t want and are strongly drawn to what we do want. Motivation is like a rocket with a strong propulsion system to escape gravity and a guidance system to direct it to the target. If we only want to move away from what we don’t want but do not have a clear picture of our destination we are likely to make bad choices, and if we have an idea about what we want but are still comfortable doing what we are doing, nothing will change.

So, to build a strong motivational propulsion system requires tapping into your mind’s powerful ability to visualize. And today we believe that teachers need to use various kinds of subconscious exercises to remain motivated, inspired and to develop goal oriented approaches in workplace & in life.

In my journey as a healer, psychologist and as a mentor I have realized that teachers have a major role in shaping our society, whether it is school, colleges, universities or other prestigious platform. Indeed I strongly believe that they are not only in an advisory role but also they have a dynamic leadership role to play.

And keeping this very aspect in mind we have decided to create an innovative kind of faculty development program which can become an asset to the teachers across the world. This faculty development program can :

  • reduce stress;
  • enhance creativity;
  • handle emotional issues that periodically occur with friends, colleagues, seniors & family;
  • sustain the motivation & vision to achieve their personal goals & reduce examination anxiety;
  • enhance confidence & personality

For teachers this workshop is essential because the profession involves various kinds of challenges while mentoring students coming from diverse backgrounds, different cultures & different levels of intelligence. And last but not the least, Vishwas Healing Centre believes teachers even have to play a more motivated, responsible role in the administration of the organization. At this juncture, stress management is the need of the hour. We believe stress management is about taking ownership of your thoughts, your emotions, your attitude, and all aspects of your life.

The point here is negative reactions to day-to-day problems and irritations create a frame of reference that colors your perception. Internal stress is created when this negative frame of reference becomes your filter for looking at your life, your family, your relationships, your job, your boss and your co-workers.

In our workshop program we intent to look at how reactive frames are consciously and subconsciously created, and we intent to help teachers to step back and examine the way they approach difficult situations, and to look at these situations from a new perspective.

Vishwas Healing Centre Presented this dynamic program for the teachers of DAV Public School, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, And it was well appreciated.   We hope this is the beginning! Let’s make a better society and a beautiful world.

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