The great pandemic of 2020 has been a unique stressor that has affected communities all around the world, humanity is adapting to a new way of life in a new era to take preventive measures. This virus is closely related to psychological distress, mental illnesses, and physical pain. You may have probably seen many stories recently about raising mental health awareness in the context of the pandemic, but today we’d want to focus on the issues that our elderly females, particularly those between the ages of 50 to 59, are experiencing as a result of the pandemic.

As you can see, the world is turning around and returning to earlier years throughout this pandemic, and it appears like the circle is repeating itself. Male household members who work outside the home are adopting for work-from-home opportunities, and children who we once thought were financially self-sufficient and would gladly live with their own families are returning. This has produced a great deal of tension among older ladies who once believed they were free of all domestic obligations.

They have to play the same job of caretaker they once did when they were 30 or 40 due to the abrupt turning back of the globe. Though the time has been reversed with their responsibilities, their bodies and minds are unable to adjust to this new scenario. ME TIME that they used to have for themselves is now occupied by home duties for their spouse and children. This has caused more than 20% of women to suffer through depression, anxiety, and major psychological disorders. It has been shown that lack of awareness and cognitive impairment, associated with stress factors makes this age group more susceptible to psychological and physiological problems.

  • I don’t feel like going into the kitchen or doing any household chores

  • I easily get frustrated with people and family members

  • I don’t like to socialize or go anywhere outside

Vishwas Healing Centre has been familiarized through several similar cases in which all the women have used the same Phrases. Psychological issues have been developed into them as a result of bottled-up feelings like:

• loss of purpose

• lack of me time

• mind-body-environment conflicts

Such situations have caused the feeling of NUMBNESS – An emotionally frozen state. Feeling emotionally numb can cause a sense of isolation or emotional disconnect from the rest of the world. This numbness can sometimes be unbearable for many people who are experiencing it. They are in such a vulnerable position that their body is giving up on domestic tasks, but their mind, which believe themselves to be natural nurturers for their family members, is devouring and swallowing them up with the immense guilt of failing to fulfill their responsibilities. Thoughts such as:

  • I am not meeting their needs
  • I am not making them happy
  • I am failing my family
  • I don’t have the strength to do it all

These are growing feelings of inadequacy, frustration, and anger.

Family members who observe their mother or spouse in such situations can take action to assist them in achieving liberation from their misery.

  • You might begin by having them get rid of all household responsibilities, allowing them to relax and spend their time on whatever they wish.

  • Assure them and help them re-realize their importance and the role they play. Being the strong pillar of family. Acknowledge it. Assure them that they have really worked hard the whole life and they deserve this Me Time. Nobody will judge them on this and they can get back to the role whenever they want.

  • Participate in the household chores to share the burden. Ask for help from them to do the household chores but don’t hold them responsible for it. They will love to help you and at the same time feel connected as well.

  • Invest in a full-time maid or assist them personally.

  • If you see her feeling miserable day by day you should immediately consult a psychologist.

  • You can also plan a family vacation when she is feeling good physically and mentally. Plan it near the beach or in the mountains so that the atmosphere and feeling of peace can help them feel emotionally grounded.

Always remember not to push them to do anything; they need time to feel mentally, emotionally, and physically at ease. Express your love and gratitude to her more frequently by doing tiny things like cooking her favorite food or recalling old and pleasant memories with her and praising her for everything she has done for you in the past and today. And always keep your house organized, it brings calm and peace to your space and therefore, to your life and it makes a person feel lighter, without piles and clutter your space will feel open, bright, and airy.

Family is the best thing you could ever wish for. They are there for you during the ups and downs and love you unconditionally; no matter what.

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