In this patriarchal, male-dominated culture many women are conditioned to think of themselves as “less-than” and not deserving or worthy. This feeling of “less-than” has been internalized and passed down through countless generations of women.
Vishwas Healing Centre believes that, the cultural atmosphere of female oppression puts daughters in a “double bind.” Simply put, if a daughter internalizes her mother’s subconscious beliefs (which is some subtle form of “I’m not good enough”) then she has her mother’s approval but has in some way betrayed herself and her potential. However, if she doesn’t internalize her mother’s subconscious beliefs in her own limitations but rather affirms her own power and potential, she is aware that her mother may subconsciously see this as a personal rejection. The daughter doesn’t want to risk losing her mother’s love and approval, so internalizing these limiting, subconscious beliefs is a form of loyalty and emotional survival for the daughter. It may feel dangerous for a woman to actualize her full potential because it may mean risking some form of rejection by her mother. This is because the daughter may subconsciously sense that her full empowerment may trigger the mother’s sadness or rage at having had to give up parts of herself in her own life. Her compassion for her mother, a desire to please her, and a fear of conflict may cause her to convince herself that it’s safer to shrink and remain small.

Keeping these aspects in mind our women’s retreat is focused on emotionally empowering women in their relationships and life. Having said that we have a question to all the women across the world are you truly living an inspired life?
Well we are not asking if you hope to, but are you? Do you feel the energy and lust for a life being well lived? Or are you hiding in the shadows of the daily grind, one weary day after never-ending day?
Many women today feel that they need the mind, body and soul relaxation and perhaps seeking to find a wellness retreat that can nourish their emotional needs.
We at Vishwas Healing Centre believe that many young women today working hard to fulfill diverse roles & responsibilities and in that process they might find that they truly need a vacation time to rejuvenate themselves. Women will for sure learn to disarm and blossom into who they were created to be. This amazing retreat of healing and transformation will have a new language for understanding their own psychology, new ways of seeing and relating to themselves and also a new freedom to embrace the full spectrum of feminine expression and power.

Indeed, this amazing spiritual retreat for women can bring affect motivation to live this life in an inspired way. When this effective motivation occurs, you can mobilized to move away what you don’t want and can be strongly drawn to what you do want. Our intent through this retreat is to help women in healing their emotional crisis so that they may have stronger and healthier families.
When a woman is centered and happy everyone benefits: her family and her community. We have a commitment and our commitment is to value, nurture and empower women throughout their life’s journey. We strongly believe that all women’s lives include a mixture of celebrations, challenges, and truly difficult moments in their relationships. Indeed it’s our love and privilege to be present with women through it all.
Our retreat has a cleansing effect and often helps to release blocked emotions and creativity, open and clear the mind, and connect you to your body and nature’s resources in a new way. This apart with the help of these retreat you become positive role models for your future generations. We would also want to tell you that the most powerful healing system which heals your karma is by accessing your past life and this happens through sessions of past life regression is even incorporated with various healing modalities during this retreat programme.

It’s high time women across the world needs to be introduced with Vishwas Healing Centre’s Women’s Retreat. We are cent percent sure that retreat will help you in tapping thoughts from your own subconscious mind on how to live a bold life. A bold life doesn’t depend on interests and personalities. For us a bold life is when a woman does what it takes to speak their truth, walk their talk, and use their gifts and talents with joy, passion and meaning. And so today we invite you all to redefine your emotions & redefine your femininity through our beautiful & wonderful retreat programme.

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