We have always been drawing hearts to symbolize our emotions, ever thought why?

Though, emotions are regulated neurologically through our brains but it eventually affects our heart the most. It actually works like a chain reaction.                     

 We feel angry, anxious, tense, frustrated, frightened, or depressed, or similar.

The body releases stress hormones as a natural response/coping mechanism. (These hormones include cortisol and adrenaline. They prepare your body to deal with stress).


  • The heart starts to beat more rapidly
  • The blood vessels shrink to help push blood to the center of the body.
  • This eventually increases the blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Leaving us with a sensation of fight or flight causing a negative chain reaction.

crystal therapy


Crystal therapy:

Rose quartz a.k.a. ‘love crystal’ is a powerful crystal that can help regulate your emotions and bring love & joy in your lives, making you heart happier and healthier. You can use this crystal in combination with other crystals to enhance and amplify the positive effects. Such as, clear quartz helps you get rid of any ailments and blockages in varied body organs. Similarly, you can use other combinations too.


A deep breath full of heartfelt fragrances can directly make you and your heart feel calmer and happier. Fragrances are person-specific, so it will be great to know your favorite fragrances and meditating on it for a while. Use scented candles, diffusers, incense sticks, etc.. to create that aromatic atmosphere around yourself and you will actually feel your blood vessels opening up, your muscles experiencing a sudden relief and a slowly and joyfully beating heart.


Psychotherapies again are person-specific yet few of these are generally beneficial to learn as life skills. For instance, ‘Emotional Decoding’. Now, we have learned that emotions directly affect our heart the most, it is essential to learn to decode our embedded emotions to channelize life in a much more meaningful and productive way. When you conquer your emotions, immediately it increases your EQ (emotional quotient) and makes your life manageable and merrier.

Physical fitness and balanced diet:
healthy diet

Be it yoga, aerobics, Pilates, running, sports, or just a morning walk, do something for yourself and your overall body every day. It digests the unhealthy saturated fats from your body and prevents and coagulation in the blood vessels, helping the heart function smoother and longer. At the same time, understand the philosophy of ‘your body is what you eat, this will simply help you design a healthy meal chart for your heart.

Healing Therapies:
healing therapy

A new emotion of ‘unexplained sadness’ finds help in healing. There is a lot we go through on daily basis, and sometimes we feel heaviness around the neck and chest area for no reason. One might feel sad but have no clue about the underlying cause. This is usually a time, when you do not find connection with the people around or even with yourselves on the very first note. Opening up your energy channels (heart chakra specifically) with the help of healing can bring you the calm you have been waiting for.

Regular health check-ups:
health check up

Truly, an early diagnose is one of the blessings for any ill person. Once in two years is the suggested period for a heart check-up. We schedule so many important things on regular basis and yet we neglect the most essential thing of our life- ‘health’. Health is the ultimate wealth. It is hence wiser of you to go for regular heart check-ups. After all, prevention is better than cure and it is only possible when you arrest the lethal diseases at the budding stage.

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