Loving a person is tough, but loving a person who suffers with mental disorder needs a strength only few possess.

It requires a sacrifice of not only of your time, but to some extent your own dreams and desires.

Each and every day, your decisions are measured by how the other person will react, people tend to put themselves and their wants at second. And when still that reaction comes despite your efforts, you tell yourself that ‘it’s okay’. Providing that person an acceptance which in this world many people won’t. This is a situation where no one is wrong and still, people suffer.

Here comes the part that can make the whole process easier, when the person suffering works on himself, takes his medication on time, follows the guidelines provided to him by the professionals, attending his therapy sessions on time, keeping in mind that he is not only doing this to get better, but also for the people who have been there for him.

If you live with someone with mental disorder, it is essential that you too have some support and help. So what you can do for YOURSELF?

  • Practice healing

    While learning Reiki, this was one of the basic that I learned, that before providing healing the other person, it is essential to protect ourselves and we, too, are in good health to provide the best care for the other person.

  • Hypnosis

    (please understand, here I am NOT talking about those funny entertaining acts that we see on stages!) I am talking about hypnotherapy as a healing tool for yourself. Self-hypnosis can be great way to relax and recharge yourself.

  • Talk to a therapist

  • Join support groups

    Talk to people about what YOU are going through, understand that dealing with people can be tiring and stressful.

Make your mental health a priority as well!

“Self-love is understanding and accepting one’s own strengths with grace and being humble. It’s understanding one’s weakness with courage and love.” – Dr Pooja

In conclusion, I would just like to remind you, we are here not only for the person who is suffering from the mental disorders, but also for the people who stand by them, in thick and thin. Supporting them and just being there for them despite all the difficulties that they face.

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