In the ancient times, people used to decorate the tree with apple, other fruits and nuts. Later these were replaced by candles and lastly can the latest version of Christmas tree with electrical lights, after the advancement in electrification. Also, we have beautiful little ornaments to accessorize the trees, these include holy berries, tinsels, garlands, candy canes, Angel Gabriel, star of Bethlehem, ribbons, etc.

Let us look at the new ornaments that we could use. Below is the list:

  • LOVE

    Whenever we love God, our family or friends with all the LOVE that we have, it reciprocates and fills our heart with JOY. This joyful experience brings our mind at PEACE and helps us develop PATIENCE. Patience has always been the first step to KINDNESS. With all these soothing traits and love in our hearts, GOODNESS becomes a part of our personality. Hence the first thing we would use to decorate our trees is love.


    This year has challenged us in a number of ways. We must have witnessed that those who had FAITH in god, faith in doctors, faith in their families, and most importantly faith in themselves, have survived it so good.  This is because Faith and HOPE are simultaneous phenomenon. They always come together. A faith without Hope is directionless and hope without faith is groundless. Therefore, we develop our minds hardcore and decorate our trees with faith and hope.


    Self-management is similar phenomenon as SELF-CONTROL. With the coming new year start new resolutions and we try to command ourselves against our comfort to achieve new goals in life. But, most of the times we fail. A prime reason is that we are controlling. Instead, we only need to MANAGE our new lives in a FLEXIBLE way that it doesn’t feel harsh. The need is to tap into our CREATIVE sides and accomplish our goals. Such a life-skill provides STRENGTH and re-define the ways to achieve. Therefore, it is important to do self-management.

Christmas Wreath Meaning And Symbolism

We hope that you liked these new ways to decorate not just your Christmas tree but also your lives. May this Festive Season God showers blessings on you. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A VERY HAPPY  PROSPEROUS  NEW YEAR TO YOU.  

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