Wreaths have been used from ancient times to add beauty and color to the festive season, they indeed hold a special meaning for Christmas. Wreaths are circular in shape and are put to different purpose on different occasions. Although, each element in a wreath holds its own specific meaning, the spiritual meaning revolves around eternal loveĀ and rebirth of the spirit.

In the current world, wreaths remind us of generosity, giving and gathering of the family. But there is much more to decipher in a wreath. Let us help you unveil those hidden meanings of wreath.

The Circle

An ideal wreath is circular and has varied meanings associate irrespective of any religious aspect.

  • Eternity like God, with no beginning and no end.
  • Seasonal cycles, spring to winter and eventually to spring again.
  • Ever-lasting hope in life.
  • Never-ending love of God.

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Traditional wreaths are made from several evergreen plant materials. These evergreens represent survival through tough times. However, every evergreen had its own meaning:
Hollycrown of thorns that Christ wore at the Crucifixion
Pine, holly and yeweternal life 
laurelconquest over pain and suffering 
Pine cones, seeds, and nutsBirth and rebirth
Green Life and growth, eternal life of soul.
Redblood Christ shed on the cross
White Purity
Silver Wealth and good fortune
Golden Divinity and power

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