Is there anything magical about Hypnosis?

Society of Psychological Hypnosis, Division 30; American Psychological Association is devoted to exchanging scientific information, advancing appropriate teaching and research, and developing high standards for the practice of hypnosis. While definitions can vary, the American Psychological Association describes hypnosis as a cooperative interaction in which the participant responds to the suggestions of the therapist. Hypnotherapy actually allows us to consciously modify programs or our deep-rooted belief systems. There are many forms of therapies that can be used under hypnosis like systematic desensitization, CBT, REBT, etc. It was during the use of hypnotherapy the ability to access past lives was identified. And now known as Past Life Regression Therapy. Before we elaborate on the kinds of hypnosis services we offer our clients at Vishwas Healing Centre, let us clear your doubts about this practice.

What is Hypnosis or Clinical Hypnosis?

It is inducing a particular level of consciousness in the psyche of an individual with his permission, where the person is capable of performing any voluntary actions and becomes very responsive to suggestions and directions from the therapist. It can be used effectively as a therapy to restore suppressed memories, delve into deep levels of consciousness or even modify existing behavioral patterns. Another name for hypnosis could be mesmerizing where the person loses his will to do anything on his own and becomes receptive to another person’s commands. Current research has shown that hypnosis can effectively solve several physiological and mental problems. Hypnosis at Vishwas Healing Centre is done under the supervision of trained and experienced hypnotherapists in a safe and relaxing environment. Its success depends on the level of cooperation and rapport which the client shares with the hypnotherapist.

What is Self Hypnosis?

As the name suggests, self-hypnosis is the art of hypnotizing yourself without the help of any therapist. It is extremely effective to reduce stress and build self-confidence. Much like doing meditation, self-hypnosis completely relaxes your body, loosening all the taut muscles, and impeding the flow of all stress-related hormones. At Vishwas Healing Centre we use this therapy with the help of continuous positive affirmations which in the future helps the individual to practice self-hypnosis. It can be practiced on a daily basis to reduce stress.

Why Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy sessions aim to work in identifying & exploring recurring themes & patterns in clients’ thoughts, feelings, self-concept, relationships & life experiences. In some cases, a client may be acutely aware of recurring patterns that are painful or self-defeating but feel unable to escape them (e.g., a woman who repeatedly finds herself drawn to romantic partners who are emotionally unavailable; a woman who regularly sabotages herself when success is at hand). In other cases, the client may be unaware of the patterns until the therapist helps her to recognize & makes her understand them. Discussion of past experience is a vital component here. Related to the identification of recurring themes & patterns is the recognition that past experience, especially early experiences of attachment figures, affects our relation to & experience of the present. During these sessions, we explore early experiences, the relation between past & present & the ways in which the past tends to “live on” in the present. The focus is not on the past for its own sake, but rather on how the past sheds light on current emotional difficulties. The goal is to help you free from the bonds of past experience in order to make you live more fully in the present. Depending on the person & the circumstances, these sessions of Hypnotherapy paves the way for helping you develop the capacity to have more fulfilling relationships, help you in making more effective use of your talents & abilities, maintain a realistically based sense of self-esteem, tolerate a wider range of emotions of the other people you face in your life, to have more satisfying intimate experiences with your partner, understand self & others in better & meaningful ways & face life’s challenges with greater freedom & flexibility. Such ends are pursued through a process of self-reflection, self-exploration & self-discovery that takes place in the context of a safe & deeply authentic relationship between therapist & client.

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Teaching and Sessions of Healing

We believe that a person should not depend permanently on a therapist for achieving his goals of mental and physical well-being. We strive to teach make him an independent thinker about both these aspects and realize that he has all the healing power, provided he knows how to use them at the right places. No matter what the problem is, our clients are taught several self-help strategies which can develop and nurture sound physical and mental health.