Summary :
Seek suggestions from financial advisors

Money and available resources to be utilized properly

Nothing should be wasted

Focus should be on “MUST HAVES” and not on luxuries

Focus on self-help / self-service rather than taking services from outside until there is a real need / emergency

Focus should be on the survival. Remember life can buy you everything. But, first buy LIFE from this difficult phase.

6 Easy Steps To Overcome Anxiety

Write guidelines for your business and services. Understand the business challenges and operational demands that will surface post corona.

  • Talk to peers from same field / service / business to understand and analyze the scenario to craft / realize the path forward
  • Current scenario demands safety not only from Corona but other diseases and illness also as even a basic medical need is an overburden on already exhausted medical staff and facilities
  • Focus on NOW (safety and well-being) and prepare for better future

And remember friends we need to be alert and aware in this difficult time

Stay Home Stay Safe Because Life Is Most Precious

God Bless Everybody

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