Tinkles of bells has something special that it brings smile on our faces. Bells are one of the crucial part of Christmas decorations. It is important for progenies to come to understand the relevance of the bells. Must share the series of Christmas essentials with your kids!!

  • Bells’ association with Christmas

    Humungous church bells are rung 4times by bishops to call out the faithful to worship, the ritual began around 431A.D. by bishop Paulinus of Nola in Campania. In the medieval ages, bells were the only source of communication; they were rung in accordance with message it supposed to spread. There used to be varied rhythms and pitch for joy, warning, sorrow, etc. On Christmas day, sound of bells set forth the birth of Christ on earth. It signifies the simultaneous death of evil when Christ was born.

  • Significance of bells today

    Even today the bells ringing proclaims the arrival of festive season and announces the birth of Jesus Christ. Just like the evils died upon Christ’s birth, the sounds of the bells drive out the evil energies from your home. The soothing tinkling bells are symbolic of harmony. It also works like a channel across the heaven and earth. ‘Clappers’ of the bells are hence suspensions between the humans and gods.

Birth of little messiah–Christmas star and it relevance today


Wish you a very happy festive season…

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