Unfortunately, too many of us were raised by parents who are emotionally wounded and were not open to heal their wounds. Their wounded self-charged with the intent to protect/ avoid/ control, so they couldn’t share love with each other or with us. Many of them actually couldn’t become a right role model with an open heart. And I have realized over these beautiful 15 years of my journey of life as a healer, as a practitioner & as a trainer, working with crystals has given me new vision to see my life in a different way. I, can now say that i have become more secure, more evolved and more at peace. Also, i could become a role model for myself and doors of my heart is now open.

Thanks to the amazing crystals which came into my life and made me feel that I’m born again.

In many of my Feng Shui visits, I used to come across a problem, that is; besides all financial and materialistic pleasures, people were not happy and used to feel that each member is going in different directions, without a common vision. They are not connected from their hearts. Love, cooperation and coordination happened to be missing in these families. But Rose Quartz somehow has given me an eternal hope while looking at these families. 

Crystals have never disappointed me. Today I am able to share my rich wisdom of my healing journey with you because of these precious crystals. 

As a healer i have been gifted with some of the most amazing and unique universal wisdom while channeling. And this channeling is very much needed for cleansing and energizing the crystals, without which crystals can’t display its magnificent powers in restoring your hearts, relationships, prosperity and life. Over the years crystals that were cleansed and energized through me has helped and healed thousands of people across the world. Maybe it was God’s will or the universe wanted me to serve across the world. And which is one of the reasons why today I make sure that the services i offer to my clients include helping them to choose the right kind of crystals that they actually need in their life. And perhaps i have become one of the biggest distributors of rarest kind of crystals. And these crystals before you buy from me, i make sure that, I even clean and energize with my special 3 days channeling process, so that your needs and requirements are met. 

Today i am keen to share one of my favorite “Crystal Healing Therapy Approach”; Rose Quartz’s 5 Ball Application. 

  • In a Crystal bowl, place 5 equal size rose quartz balls after it’s cleansing and energizing process. Hold in your hand and say a silent prayer.
  • “I am attracting love and peace within my family, we enjoy mutual love and coordination” thrice, repeat silently. 
  • Place it in the centre of the house. or we can also place it at the centre table of our sitting area. 

Once you do this crystals healing approach, i am cent percent sure that, this will bring love, harmony in your relationship with your spouse and family members. Needless to mention that within 3 full moons, I have always received a lot thanks, and happy feedback of bringing the rose quartz in their journey of life. Indeed, it is an amazingly beautiful crystal. Will keep sharing more experiences.

Enjoy Life!

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