shiv shakti bliss shivling

Shiv-Sakti Bliss Shivling – ROSE QUARTZ

What could be the best crystal form to manifest the loving blessings of shiv-shakti? Popularly known a ‘LOVE CRYSTAL’, Rose Quartz helps open the heart energies to align these with your loved ones.

The worshipper finds himself/herself at calm and peace. she/he blooms just like a rose and is filled with loving energies which seeds long-lasting happiness. Rose quartz crystal shivling is symbolic of union of love of shiv (creator)-shakti (creation).

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Prosperity Shivling – GREEN JADE

Green Jade Crystal Shivling is popularly known as prosperity shivling. With the auspicious blessing of shiv-shakti, green jade attracts love, generosity, spirituality, prosperity, and abundance into your lives. It concedes harmony, unity, bliss, and spiritual progress by connecting to your higher self, making it a perfect buy to bring overall prosperity in your lives.

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Green aventurine shivling amplifies creativity and imagination abilities. The worshipper is likely to become independent and free from any negativity clusters by opening his/her heart chakra to prosperity, calmness, career, success, the balance of mind and activities, courage, perseverance.

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Intutive Shivling – LABRADORITE

Labradorite Shivling is a perfect blend of spiritual qualities of the crystal and blessings of shiv-shakti to bring luck, abundance, higher aura, and divine grace.  Labradorite Shiva Lingam represents the triological powers of ‘Paar-Brahma’. Altogether, these three-in-one powers aid in enhancement of psychic energies and makes it easier to connect to your superior guidance.

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