Intuitive Crystal Shivling



Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati showering their blessing in a Crystal Shivling contains their divine presence. It provides intensive healing and auspiciousness by banishing the negative planetary influence.

The labradorite Shivling bestows spiritual qualities that bring luck, abundance, higher aura, and divine grace.

Labradorite Shiva Lingam represents the triological powers of ‘Paar-Brahma’. The uppermost part represents the ultimate universal energy that transcends within; The middle segment exhibits the universal perseverance energy and The lower part represents the universal creative force – ‘Brahma’. Altogether, these three-in-one powers aid in enhancement of psychic energies and makes it easier to connect to your superior guidance.

It is attuned and energized through Vishwas Healing Centre’s Masters and Healers with positive energies and divine affirmations.  We follow 3 Days Rituals in full moon energies as well as sunlight. This energizing process enhances the powers of crystals. It helps to manifest your goals.

Placement- faces the north direction.


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