Career in alternate healing therapies is an upcoming field, attracting the attention of many. Regardless of the stream chosen, healing can be learned by any one. Just like other careers, this too requires devotion and commitment, and right skills to practice. Besides giving you fame, money, and power, it also enables you to become a more balanced individual. Students, who have curiosity in occult sciences, mysterious energies and the intention to serve the society, thirst for knowledge, have patience and are empathetic, can do wonders in this field. Besides the intrinsic job satisfaction of serving someone, the contentment one feels is incredible. The respect earned is unparalleled.


There are different courses in healing therapies; most popular among them are Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Color Therapy, Tarot, Music Healing, Magnified Healing, Lama Fera, Feng Shui, Mudras, Acupressure, etc… Opting any of these as a career does not only provide you flexibility of time but it can help you well depending upon your efficiency, continuous practice, dedication and knowledge.


At this time when career alternate healing is mushrooming everywhere as a commercial venture, the success of pursing it as a career depends on the choice of the right guide to impart the correct knowledge. A credible teacher is one who teaches the subject by explaining the entire dimension which includes psychology, scientific, philosophical and spiritual base. A teacher who is well educated, possessing a counseling background with good practical and theoretical experience in these disciplines are most suitable.


The demand of these courses is increasing specially among students of medical sciences and those who have soft skills, creative talent, manager, designers, engineers and others. Students who learn these courses benefit immensely as it complements their selected streams, enhances their knowledge, gives clarity to their mind, increases creativity and makes them wiser.

Reiki, one of the most popular alternate healing careers connects us with our higher consciousness, increasing clarity and inspires us. Remarkable positive changes can be perceived in the student’s performance, confidence, learning ability and concentration level. It complements the self esteem and life skills.

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